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A personal guide for the exciting year ahead of you.


A tool to hasten your spiritual growth.


A muse to call forth your creativity and highest self.


A lighthouse to bring you home to yourself, again and again.

Your Sacred Map

It is my honor to create these sacred tools for wise, soulful and compassionate women for a 3rd year in a row!


Your Sacred Map 2019 (formerly called the personal forecast) comes with many changes and a whole new layout to take you deeper and further into your potential, while anchoring you solidly in your 365-daily reality.


I have been gifted in this lifetime with the ability of the oracle: to see and read hidden energies, and bring what is hiding into the light of consciousness, healing and integration.

At one point in my career, I read full-time, using Tarot cards as a tool to translate energies into symbols and symbols into words. I discovered that my readings went so deep and far that they couldn’t be properly digested in a single sitting. I shifted into longer-term work with clients, guiding them step-by-step through their journeys, and helping them ground their spiritual growth into transformations in their physical, emotional and relational worlds.


But these readings still desired to be channeled through me. So, I found the proper place for them in this once a year offering: A yearly road map for healing, expansion and spiritual growth.

Charlotte Eléa

Your Sacred Map serves you all 12 months, impeccably unfolds with your spiritual and emotional growth, and is designed to be digested and integrated over time.


Each of our lifetimes are made up of many cycles. Throughout the calendar year, we may track a significant cycle of growth, change and release.


While other wheel of the year readings may take you down one possible linear time line, Your Sacred Map 2019 is different, because it brings into balance the two paradoxical truths about your future:


1) You have free will and the future is open.
2) You are on a spiritual path and have a divine purpose and destiny.

Your Sacred Map 2019

By tapping into information hidden in other dimensions, I share with you the energies that are present and unfolding on YOUR particular spiritual path with impeccable timing.

Impeccably Guided 2019

This means that in which areas of your life these energies unfold — be it career, health, relationships or finances — and how they unfold — be it with love and acceptance, or fear and struggle — is up to you and your free will.


With my guidance, I’ll walk you through how to gracefully move through the most joyful and ecstatic to the most challenging of steps along your journey.


Your Sacred Map will hold your hand and let you know that all is well, and unfolding exactly how it is meant to be.

“My forecast proved to be a constant source of light and comfort for me. This year brought more challenge, AND more inner peace, gratitude, and self-love in the face of those challenges than I knew possible. I’ve checked in with my forecast throughout the year and it’s been amazingly accurate and helpful in terms of growth work, confronting and processing hidden wounds, facing change, and moving forward with grace.


While I knew it was I who would be the one living and experiencing this wild ride, my forecast was my seatbelt, assuring me that I would never leave the ground, but rather stay safe, protected, and always close to myself. I am beyond excited for my next Sacred Map to see what’s in store for 2019!”


Leisse Wilcox, leissewilcox.ca, Instagram: @leissewilcox

Here’s How Your Map Unfolds Through 18 Cards

I. The Inner Diamond: A view from the top of the mountain
(Your Compass)


Four cards sit in the center (and if you visualize it in the 3-D form of a pyramid, at the top of your reading). These four cards reveal the purpose and overall trajectory of your 12 month path. Answering the question, “What does 2019 have to offer me?”


Throughout the year, they will help you orient yourself and bring you back to center., telling you “Everything, including this, has a meaning.”


Card 1: The Lesson/Gift (North)


This is what 2019 has to teach you, and provides the theme for your year. The lesson you have to learn and integrate, which will gift you infinitely in the years to come.


Card 2: The Path (South)


This is the primary energy you may walk on and swim in throughout the year, and will provide the easiest, most accessible and safest route to integrate your lesson/gift.


Card 3: The Challenge (East)


This is the primary obstacle you will meet on your 2019 journey, and represents your growth point and the deepest and most significant healing you will be doing. Meeting your challenge clears the path.


Card 4: The Awakening Aspect (West)


This is a hidden gem that is being newly unearthed within you. It is a gift that you are being called to exercise and call forth to help you meet your challenge and integrate your lesson.

Your Sacred Map 2019
Tarot and oracle decks

II. The Outer Diamond: Month-by-month journey from start to completion.
(Your Map)


Twelve cards walk you through each monthly stage of your journey, from the winter, spring, summer and finally autumn months. These cards provide wisdom for you on your earthly journey, from the physical, to the emotional, to the intellectual and spiritual.


Each month, a different energy will take precedence, all unfolding for you with impeccable timing to help you progress on your path. These energies will play out in one or more area of your life, be it career, relationship, health, family, etc. It will be immediately discernible to you, once that month comes around, which area it is playing out based on where you have focused your energy, what choices you have already made, and what changes you are experiencing.


III. The Focal Points: Your divine will and inspiration
(Your Thumbtacks)


Two cards sit on either side of the pyramidal diamond: This is the manifestation of your divine will and creative inspiration. You get to choose what you desire to shine a light upon during 2019. What will you focus upon? Where do you desire the greatest growth and guidance? Where do you want your journey to lead you?


Two custom oracles and open questions await you. Complete them yourself, or choose from a list of questions I provide, covering career, romantic partnership, finances, health, creativity, family and more.


IV. The Session: Guiding light and support for your journey
(Your Star)


Your 2019 Map includes a 30-minute 1-on-1 clarifying and deepening session with me. This is your opportunity to clear any fear, confusion or doubt that arises on initial read of your map, and is a place for you to ask questions and get more specific and deeper information.


I will both channel and hold compassionate, loving space to help you integrate the wisdom of your map fully into the year ahead of you.

Reserve Your Map


Because I go so deep and wide with each map I lovingly create, I can only offer a limited number. This year I will be offering 20 total.


Your purchase includes:


1) PDF 2019 Spiritual Map: Photos + deep personal explanation of 16 cards + 2 cards in answer to your custom questions.


2) Clarifying and Deepening Session: A 30-min 1-on-1 session with me over Zoom video conferencing.

SOLD OUT - Sorry, No More Maps Available

Payment plans are available — email me to set this up.

“I am beyond grateful that I chose to invest in my forecast this past year! It really helped me start the year off right—feeling supported and like I had an anchor, a map, and a plan to move forward. When I first received the forecast, I cried as it felt so accurate, so true, so wise and comforting in the deep understanding and guidance revealed through the cards and Charlotte’s words.


As I re-visited the forecast throughout the year, I used it as a calibration check: with each review, I was able to understand and integrate deeper aspects of my journey to date, while re-grounding myself in the here-and-now, and developing clarity on how to move forward in my life with my goals and plans. It has been like a true friend when I have felt overwhelmed. And it has truly been a source of grounded wisdom that has continually offered openings for visioning my desires and aligning more fully in living and expressing my truth.”


Kim Christensen

Let me be frank with you…


As your oracle, I am not here to give you false promises or reassure you that everything will unfold exactly the way you want it to. We meet challenges along our journeys in order to help us grow.


Your spiritual journey is a healing journey, and vise versa. As you move forward in life, you will be met with aspects of you, formerly hidden, that desire integration. Once integrated, those newly activated parts of you will bring you more fulfillment, connection, peace, love and the power to do major good in this world.


Sometimes it can feel clunky or uncomfortable to meet these newly unearthed parts of you. Sometimes to meet them, you must go through a painful process. And other times it will feel wonderful, smooth, joyful and expansive. It’s all part of the journey!


Your Sacred Map will contain what you need to know:


It will prepare you for what is ahead.
Your Sacred Map will act as a guide to help schedule out the great events of your year. Desiring to know when to travel, launch a new service, or start dating again? Your map will let you know when are the most optimal moments.


It will empower you through unexpected changes.
Your Sacred Map will provide the wisdom of how to work through the energies that are currently present, and will help you shine light into each moment, even the darkest ones.


It will guide you through a healing process.
Your Sacred Map will help you integrate and come to a place of completion and wholeness with the past events, losses or traumas you are currently grappling with. Healing is a sacred process and opens you to so much peace, joy and love.


It will open you to your greatest potential.
You Sacred Map reveals the purpose of your highest self, and guides you through the great unfolding of this purpose, step by step. In this way, it reveals what you are creatively, spiritually, emotionally and physically capable of.

“Charlotte’s forecast has quite literally been a lighthouse for me throughout this past year. Charlotte is a talented intuitive guide. When the messages came through, she delivered the information in a language that spoke directly to my heart. She offers the gentlest of guidance and sees all of her work as an opportunity to empower her clients to do their own self-discovery and self-healing.


I have referred to my forecast throughout the year, each time have taken away a slightly different piece of the puzzle, and each time feel both seen and carried in a wholly loving and accepting way. Anyone who is looking for a way to go into their own healing work should call upon Charlotte for assistance. She is truly a gift.”


Kristi Moore, instagram.com/asphaltandair/

FAQs and The Nitty Gritty Details:

What do I get with my purchase?

Your Sacred Map will be emailed to you in a lovely PDF document including a beautiful photo of your spread, in-depth intuitive readings and explanation on the 18 cards pulled for you.


The content of your forecast will be full, rich and complex, and the wisdom it contains will unfold and play out over time. I recommend you read through it completely when you receive it–there will no doubt be components that feel affirmative and comforting, as well as other components that are surprising and challenging. Note any questions you have.


When you receive your PDF map, you’ll also receive a link to schedule your 30-minute session with me, which you may do at any time within 2019, however I recommend you do it sooner rather than later.

When can I expect to receive my Sacred Map?

Maps purchased by the early bird deadline of December 15 will be delivered no later than January 15, 2019, but probably much sooner. Maps purchased after December 15 will be delivered by January 31st, but likely sooner. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will schedule and confirm the date with you.


If you would like to request a specific date to receive your Sacred Map after (for example, no sooner than December 31st), you may do so in the questionnaire.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll immediately receive a confirmation of your order from my online system. I will respond personally very soon (within 24 hours Monday – Friday), and will send you a questionnaire for you to complete and send back to me. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will let you know the date you can expect to receive your Sacred Map.

How do I work with my Sacred Map?

At the start of the year, it is helpful to use your Map to help you schedule out the major events of 2019. Considering the energy present for each month, when is the most optimal time to travel, plan launches, get into the dating pool, move, begin a new field of study, or make large purchases or investments, etc?


Considering the major themes for the year (the inner diamond), how might this inform how you decide to challenge yourself to grow, or surrender and take it easy? Is this going to be a year of inner work,or outer exploration? What times of the year support these different energies?


I recommend you return to your Map often, throughout all twelve months of the year. Each time you do, you will receive something new. Check in with the current and last month’s oracle at the start of each new month. It is a wonderful practice to journal on the month that has just passed about what you learned, and consider how the current month’s oracle may assist you.

How is my Sacred Map different from an Astrology reading?

The energies I pull into your Sacred Map may be similar or closely aligned with a personal astrology reading of your 2019 transits–I find this often to be the case.


I am using Tarot cards to pull in the energies for you, and my intuition and experience with Tarot and oracle to read the energies. An Astrologer uses the planets and the cosmos to read the same energies. Everyone’s interpretation is going to be different, however, so I cannot predict how closely aligned or different they may be.


Another difference is that I channeled a specific card arrangement that will support the greatest expression of your highest self, creativity, healing capabilities and spiritual connection in 2019.

What deck(s) will you be using?

The primary message giver I will use for your Sacred Map is The Mary-El Tarot.


I will also use a variety of other decks to compliment the messages that come through. Including: The Wild Unknown Tarot and Spirit Animal Oracle, The Sacred Rebels Oracle, The Earth Warriors Oracle, The Inner Child Cards, and the Sacred Symbols Oracle.


Choosing the cards for your reading from my collection of decks is an intuitive process. So, you may see all cards from one deck, or cards from several decks, delivering to you in impeccable order, the precise messages that you need to receive.

Tarot Cards

Contact me if you’d like to set up a payment plan.

“Having this forecast helped me to let go and surrender, rather than hold on tight, and proved to make it easier to cope and digest when I hit issues I did not want to deal with. My spirituality has always been strong, yet took some leaps this year. I took wider steps this year than in the last several years, by being able trust where I was going. I would recommend this to those who are willing to go deeper.”


Tamera Hanna, www.etsy.com/shop/ComeLightofDay, Instagram: @comelightofday