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Your Hero’s Journey: A Guided Meditation


Your Hero’s Journey: A Guided Meditation

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This meditation is a sneak peak at the contents of a forthcoming e-book on discovering your stage on the hero’s journey. It serves as excellent intuitive preparation for any general tarot reading where no question is put forth and no urgent issue is in need of resolution. After this meditation, your tarot reading will pinpoint the area in your life that is calling for your attention, and the issues that require focus and resolution so that you may continue unobstructed on your path.


Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit completely free of distractions. That means turn your phone to silence, shut the door and remove all obligations from your schedule during the next 15 minutes. Place your tarot deck within easy reach from where you are sitting.


Listen to an audio version of this meditation here. A transcript of the meditation is below if you prefer to read it to yourself first, or commit it to memory.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath in counting to eight, then release it to a count of seven. Move your breathing back to normal. Notice how your breath feels entering your lungs and stomach, and exiting through your nostrils. Take some time to focus just on your breath to clear your mind. If you notice any thoughts entering, acknowledge them, then release them, and return to your focus to your breathing.


Continue to breath while you darken the visual space of your imagination. Shut your internal eyes and imagine that all around you is nothing but darkness. Everything around you is black. Nothing can be seen.


Now, using only your imagination, open your eyes and notice that you are looking at the ground at your feet. Notice if you are barefoot or wearing shoes. What shoes you are wearing? Are they sneakers, sandals, oxfords, heels? Notice their color and material.


And now take note of the ground beneath you. What is its material and texture? Is it paved? Is it even or uneven? Made of dirt, sand, cement, wood, tile, concrete? Now take a few steps and notice how it feels against the soles of your shoes. What sound does it make?


Keeping your eyes to the ground and without looking up, start to take in your surroundings. Let your environment begin to paint itself for you, brush stroke by brush stroke with all your senses alive except your sight.


What do you hear? Is it voices? If so, who? Is it birds, traffic, machinery, the wind? What do you smell in this place? What does the air feel like? Is it hot or cold? Dry or moist? Static or moving? Have you figured out if you are inside or outside? Can you tell yet where you are yet?


Now, slowly raise your head and look from side to side. What do you see? Where are you? Take in as many details of your environment as you can. The objects around you, big and small. The people, animals or creatures. Look up to the sky or ceiling and notice its color and shape. How does being here make you feel? Relaxed, restless, happy, sad? Let yourself be in that emotion for a few moments and accept it just for what it is. No judging it, trying to change it or force it. Just allow yourself to be in this space.


Move your focus to what is directly in front of you. What do you see? Continue to allow your environment to paint itself. Is there a clearly marked road or path, or must you make your own? Is the path straight or does it wind around a curve up ahead? Is it at an incline, decline or neither? Are their obstacles in front of you that you must move around, or is your path clear?


Begin to walk with a steady, normal gate. Just walk and continue to take in what surrounds you. Continue to notice what it feels like to be here.


Now we will begin to return to this world. So when you are ready, stop walking. Open your eyes. Allow them to adjust to the room you are sitting in. And without getting up or speaking, grab your tarot cards. Shuffle them a few times, fan them out in front of you, and pick the first card your eyes gravitate towards.