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Are your struggling with Self-Worth?


Do you often feel that you are not enough? Or too much?


You are not alone! So many beautiful, smart and soulful women I know struggle, too. It’s time that we all reclaim our REAL WORTHINESS. You are AWESOME and POWERFUL, and your soul knows this to be so!


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Awaken Your True Self-Worth

Awaken Your true Self-Worth



  • Breakthrough to the Root of Your Unworthiness
  • Gain Tools to Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior
  • Journey to Your Inner Source of True Worth and Self-Love

Your New I AM WORTHY Mantra


I AM WORTHY. I am complete. I am valuable. I am important.


I am enough.


I acknowledge that I have allowed others to determine my worth, and I have weighed my worth in comparison to others.


I acknowledge that I have judged my own worth based on how much money I make, how popular I am, the status of my relationships, my weight, my able-bodyness, the job I hold, my appearance, and the attention I receive from others.


I have handed over my worthiness because I have been afraid of being not enough, or too much. I have made myself invisible because I have believed I do not fit in. I have sabotaged my own happiness because I have believed I do not deserve it. And I have sacrificed my needs because I have chosen not to value my own unique light.


I take back my worthiness now by declaring I AM worthy.


Only I can determine my worth. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of abundance. I am worthy of happiness. I am worthy of fulfillment. I am worthy of acceptance. I am worthy of being me.


I get to take up space. I get to receive. I get to be noticed, witnessed and seen. I get to speak my own truth.


I get to go my own way. I get to make my own choices. I get to manifest what I really desire. I get to value my unique talents, skills and genius. I get to be different.


Because I am a bright star in this wondrous galaxy. Because the world needs and wants me just as I am. Because I need me more than anyone else. Because nothing and no one can take myself away from me. Because in my big heart I know I am whole. I know I shine. I know I am worthy.


As I declare it now, I make it so!