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You’re smart, you’re resilient, you’re giving and compassionate. You’ve worked hard to be a good person.


“So,” you may be wondering, “How did I get here?? Where nothing feels certain anymore, where everything’s turned upside down, where what used to work just doesn’t.”


I know the experience well. You’ve lost trust in yourself. You are doubting every thought, movement and emotion. You may not even be sure who you are anymore. You’re feeling called to something greater, but you don’t know how to actualize it.


I know because I have been there, too.


Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I am an Intuitive Guide and Personal Transformation Coach. I help compassionate, smart people going through change, like you, learn to trust themselves.


I can help you heed the wake up call you’re facing so that you can embrace it, transform chaos and confusion into purpose, take courageous action, and be empowered to live the life that you are meant to live.


As harsh or off-kilter as this moment in your life may feel, so much good will come of it… if you begin to listen.

You Are Ready


To begin living from the inside out (rather than the outside in). To know and trust yourself like never before. To be empowered to live your life in a way you decide. To feel calm and confident when taking action. And to be excited about your life again!


As your coach, I will guide you through the process. This journey you are about to embark upon, it will be like nothing you can imagine. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it!


You’ll learn to hear the guidance you seek from inside you. You’ll make discoveries about yourself and uncover gifts of wisdom, love and creative genius that have been hiding out deep within you, waiting for you to find them.


You’ll experience magic and wonder when the full power of your intuition is activated. And you’ll be one with yourself and this great universe as you learn to receive and move in flow with your own internal rhythms of change, growth and expansion.

Charlotte Eléa, Intuitive Guide, Trust Activator

Your Options to Work with Me


Six Months of Personal Guidance

and Intimate Support

BREAKTHROUGH with Charlotte Eléa

You know you’re at a BREAKTHROUGH moment when everything in your life has been turned upside down. This package will give you the support, guidance and coaching you need to be empowered to transform your life and recreate it from the inside out.


I will be your partner as we begin this new journey together, and transform doubt into trust, fear into courage, and grief into love. Everything you have learned, discovered and experienced so far has brought you to this moment, and prepared you in ways you have yet to realize.



  • Customized in-depth Tarot and oracle reading
  • Six monthly 1-on-1 guidance sessions
  • Six monthly intuitive coaching sessions
  • Unlimited access to the Dream Intuition Vault of courses and learning materials
  • Unlimited access to me via email
  • Customized package of fun intuitive tools
  • Private group virtual space
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A 12-Week Vision Quest

with Group Coaching

JOURNEY with Charlotte Eléa

Your journey begins when you reach a moment of uncertainty, when you long for change and more, but you don’t yet know what that something is. JOURNEY will take you through a twelve-step vision quest to Know Yourself and Trust Yourself.


You’ll be part of a live, supportive community of like-minded souls who are learning to live from the inside out. You’ll discover what changes you want to make, understand what is tripping you up, and build the courage and trust in yourself to continue your onward journey from an empowered place.



  • 12 live weekly transformative circles with soul sharing and sacred intention setting
  • 12 weekly lessons, prompts and steps of discovery
  • 12 guided meditations and deep inward journeys
  • Private group virtual space
  • Consistent personal access to me during the 12 weeks
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Not sure which program is right for you?


Schedule your Free 30-minute Discovery Call


I’ll get a chance to learn more about your current journey, and you’ll get a chance to ask me questions, so we can explore if we are meant to work together.

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Charlotte Eléa Intuitive Guide

What Clients Have Said

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"Before this journey, I did not know who I was and didn’t want to know, as I believed I was not a nice person! I did everything in my power not to be seen. This has been totally turned around.

By having a good look at myself, all the fear, hurt, confusion, I have been taught/learnt to be so so kind to myself. The introduction to the inner child was a complete revelation. And such a comfort. And from that moment forward everything began to make sense. And I have noticed the difference externally due to my internal work. As i am caring more about myself. I learnt it’s ok to want and need attention. What I didn’t realize was this need for attention was a need met from within (breakthrough!).

My biggest shift is trusting myself. And in this new sense of trust, standing up for myself in situations where anyone is projecting their insecurities onto me. Instead of not saying anything, I am learning to speak up! But to do so from an understanding of the other being a hurt child. Even now, you are still present and pulling me up, and making me step up.

What helped when I hit challenges, was you (Charlotte) holding my hand all the way through. Knowing there is not right or wrong, good or bad. That we are exactly where we need to be, for a reason. By facing my fear, the opposite surfaced. I felt such grief but experienced such joy. Could not believe this experience. I have not laughed and cried so much in my whole life. It has been amazing. Also have been feeling myself as a very sexual and sensual person. Very joyous and pleasurable and delightful.

My desire at the outset of the journey was for Love. And this is what I found at the end of the journey. I am just a little bundle of love. A bundle of energy bouncing around the cosmos full of love, bumping into other bundles of energy and passing/sharing this love on. How delightful. Anything is now possible for the future!"

Sheila Barton

"The specific techniques and compassionate teaching and feedback that Charlotte offered in her personal counseling sessions is so valuable to me. I have seen a quantum leap in my inner growth and self-trust during these five months, and my life is expanding outward in amazing new ways.

The progress I have made with Charlotte has been so noticeable that my therapist told me she thought I didn't need to come anymore to sessions with her anymore, as this work was obviously doing so much to help me. I got off my psych meds months ago. I am feeling much happier and more fulfilled, excited about new relationships and plans, while also feeling able to deal with difficult emotions that come up.

The most valuable part of the work for me was Charlotte's compassion and deep grasp of how to work with pain and difficult shadow emotions. She helped me to understand the concept of the inner child, the shadow, the ego, and the higher self as parts of myself that needed to be recognized, held, and nurtured. Charlotte's wonderful encouragement of the state of "not knowing" as a fertile ground for our inner wisdom was the perfect antidote to a lifetime of having tried to always be in control and know.

I can't recommend Charlotte highly enough. Thank you Charlotte for all the light you bring!"

Amba Sarah Caldwell

"I feel incredibly blessed to have Charlotte in my life. I’ve always felt held, known, seen, and accepted by her in every moment of our interactions. Charlotte possesses a unique array of skills that traverse the realms of the sacred and intuitive with those of more traditional foundations of psychology and counseling. Working at the nexus of intuitive and analytic practices, Charlotte offers her clients the best of both worlds. Charlotte’s gifts include her perspicacity, wisdom, intuitiveness, gentle spirit, intelligence, wit, and playfulness. She has a way of zeroing in on the heart of the matter, while maintaining her gentleness in the delivery of her insights.

While some coaches might be overly positive or Pollyanna, which never helps with personal growth, Charlotte doesn’t shy away from being authentic and straightforward about her awareness and insights. However, she has a knack for sharing her perspective in a kind, gentle, and loving manner that always opens the door to exploration and discovery. I’m grateful for Charlotte’s insights, intuition, and guidance, and so appreciative of her openness and willingness to walk alongside me on my journey. On top of all of that, she’s incredibly playful and fun to work with, which only adds a layer of delight to the mix.

On a final note, I might add one more thing: I am a clinical psychologist by training, Ph.D. and all, and while I have found therapy to be incredibly useful in the past, I find that working with Charlotte provides the best of both worlds…she has a grip on the foundations of counseling and psychology, but also reaches into the worlds beyond what we are able to observe, know, and reach via conventional means and methods--that of intuition and spirituality. If you want to find a warm, supportive, insightful, intuitive, intelligent, wise, loving and soulful coach, Charlotte is the one!"

Valentina Rossi, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"I have had two sessions with Charlotte and cannot wait for my next one. The moment I met her I knew she truly loves what she does. Charlotte gives guidance in the most sincere way that makes you feel like you are just spending time with your wise, patient, caring oldest friend. To anyone looking to gain immediate clarity and insight into their life, I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough."

Courtney C.

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"I recently completed Charlotte Eléa’s inspired “Journey” program. I was especially called to this program when I heard Charlotte describe it as a virtual “vision quest.” Although I have never actually participated in a true vision quest, I am familiar with the idea of going out into the wilderness (in this case, one’s own inner self) with only a point of inquiry, an intention, a prayer and letting the magic of the process and one’s own nakedness to the experience guide one to the answer one’s own spirit offers.

This Journey was a precious treasure to be taken home, unpacked and integrated in due time and the unfolding of my life. This is exactly the gift I experienced in Journey, which offers a powerful, mysterious magical process of alchemical personal transformation - incredibly well and intuitively designed and guided by the tender, attentive care of wise guide and priestess, Charlotte Eléa.

What has especially moved me and struck a deep chord is its potent (and effective) merging and balancing of the intuitive/energetic with the practical/grounded. I have truly experienced transformative internal change that is resulting in real-world external evolution, action, and direction forward."

K Christensen

"To say Charlotte Eléa's group "changed my life" would be an understatement. It brought Tarot into my life, sure, but it also brought a greater sense of trusting my own intuition as an artist, creative writer, woman, and human being. I was going through a rough patch, feeling blocked and frustrated with my writing, and over the weeks of the journey, I felt the self-doubt melt away as so many new ideas began to spark. My story and characters blossomed in so many exciting ways, as did my own experience writing them. In this warm community of women, I laughed, cried, and created. I can't recommend Charlotte highly enough."

Bree Barton

"Charlotte is one of the best group facilitators I have had - and I have had a lot! Thank you, Charlotte, for a wonderful eight week experience. I learned so much about myself that it seemed almost a "bonus" to gain more knowledge about the tarot!"

Lisa N, Canada

"Since beginning Tarot Journeys, the cards I have been pulling have been taking me into another dimension. I have Charlotte's guidance to thank for that. Her kindness, insight and patience really allowed the comfort level I needed to dig deeper and get the most out of my intuition. You need to join her groups!"

Jessica Senteno

"I have taken several classes throughout the years. I always left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with all the information that was thrown at me. When I saw Charlotte’s intuitive workshop I jumped at the opportunity. Finally, someone taught me how to connect with my cards! The circle that Charlotte created was warm, lovely and peaceful. It was very easy to connect and open my intuition. I’m very happy that I attended this group, and I can’t wait to attended more of them."

Paulina Pena

"I am lucky to have had Charlotte read for me at a public event, and I was struck by how easily the reading flowed through her (and how accurate her intuition was to events occurring in my life). When I saw she was offering a workshop teaching her intuitive skills, I immediately signed up! From week one, the intuitive model made so much sense and within the next few weeks insane changes were triggered in my own life--and you'd best believe, with Charlotte's guidance, I was able to use tarot for insight into the changes. As a facilitator, Charlotte provides a fun, deep, communal and well-structured gathering."

Tamera Hanna

"My journey with Tarot and intuition began with Charlotte. I was interested in learning how to interpret the cards and signed up for an online class, however I ended up learning much, much more. I will be forever grateful for the insight and wisdom I have gained through her program, Tarot Journeys: A Sacred Circle for Personal Discovery. Charlotte is kind person filled with a loving spirit. She is a natural teacher and guide. Her ability to lead you into this special world is captivating. Not only do you learn to interpret the meanings of the cards, you learn what the Tarot has to teach you personally. You learn the messages that each card has to reveal to you on a deep and personal level. I know that a greater power then myself lead me to Charlotte and I am thankful."

Angela Burrage

"Before I began the Tarot Journeys workshop, my deep fear was pouring myself out only to find that there was nothing to hold me, nothing to catch my most insubstantial and ethereal self. Who would see to it that I didn't float immediately upwards and dissipate into the heavens? Who would ensure that I did not, drip by drip, absorb like rainwater into the soil of the earth? Could I go too far inward and forget that I left a body on the other side? When I returned would I be changed? Would I like the person I had been? Would I know her? Now I know I have a choice: I can be fearful and cover my mouth and lock the door and go back to my life of indulging others so that things are peaceful and neat and controlled and contained... Or I can uncover my mouth, I can unlock my imagination and I can let it pour forth a tidal of dreams and whispers and I can let it knock me down with its ferocity and its sweetness and I can cry myself into oblivion and trust that the source of all these things will place me back into my body, back into this world when the flood recedes. Whoever I find myself to be when I return, she needs me to be brave (and vulnerable) enough to meet her. I will be. Thank you for facilitating this meeting and sharing and allowing this unfolding."

Lis Lye