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What’s Your Hero’s Journey? Part II: Finding Your Birth Card


What’s Your Hero’s Journey? Part II: Finding Your Birth Card

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Every hero’s journey is different. Though we all traverse through the same 22 stages and challenges that are represented in the Major Arcana of the tarot, my High Priestess will be a different person from your High Priestess, the decision that leads you to set off on your journey will be different from mine, the monsters and demons you encounter, the triumphs you celebrate, and the person you ultimately become by the end of your journey will all be different. If everyone’s journey was the same, we would be watching the same movie over and over and over again—how boring would that be!


You may notice after making it through several of the stages of your journey or several journey cycles that the same challenge or stage plagues you over and over again. You may also begin to learn where your strengths lay and what you can depend on. These are the factors that make you, you!


For most of us, at least one stage of the major arcana trips us up repeatedly. This is the area in life that presents itself as an opportunity for the most growth and reflection. This card holds the best of you and the worst of you! When you are feeling stuck, return to this card and the lesson it has to offer. How can you lean on the strengths that this card represents to move forward?


If you know the tarot well, your birth card may be obvious. Knowing your Sun, Moon and Rising signs may also provide you with great insights into your strengths and repeated challenges. But if astrology doesn’t provide all the answers for you, use this tarot method determine where you can return to for guidance. Here’s how to find your birth card (I’ll use my number as an example): Start by writing down the month, day and year you were born, and assign 1-2 digits to the month, 1-2 to the day, and 4 to the year:


[Birth Month] [Birth Day] [Birth Year] 6 12 1977


Then add each of the numbers together (add each digit separately):

6+1+2+1+9+7+7 = 33


If your number is higher than 21 (22 or higher), add the two numbers together:

3+3 = 6 = The Lovers


Your number will correspond with a card in the major arcana (see below). Learning my birth card was particularly insightful for me because my sun sign is Gemini, and Gemini is the corresponding astrological sign with the Lovers card. During my journeys I will continue to come back to issues around choices, paving my own way, self-discovery, and relationships.


1 = Magician
2 = High Priestess
3 = Empress
4 = Emperor
5 = Hierophant
6 = The Lovers
7 = The Chariot
8 = Strength
9 = The Hermit
10 = Wheel of Fortune
11 = Justice
12 = Hanged Man
13 = Death
14 = Temperance
15 = The Devil
16 = The Tower
17 = The Star
18 = The Moon
19 = The Sun
20 = Judgment
21 = The World


I don’t have a reference guide to tarot card meanings on my site yet, but a quick and easy resource to understand the themes of your birth card can be found here.