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Are you feeling the deep inner yearning for greater meaning, for a higher vision, for clarity over your life’s direction? Do you desire to be fulfilled and inspired like crazy?


This means your soul is waking up! Your life has meaning, and you are ready to discover it.


This is your calling… or “purpose” as I like to call it.


Answering life’s big questions, like “What’s my purpose?” And “What difference can I make?” can feel rather intimidating and overwhelming sometimes. But they don’t have to be.


In this free class I’ll reveal a process of discovery that is exciting, motivating and inspiring.


You’ll learn how to receive the wisdom and benefits of:


1) Your Core Wound
2) Your Sacred Gift
3) Your Divine Essence
4) Your Soul’s Purpose


These are The Four Pillars of Wisdom Within Your Soul. They create your unique “soul footprint.” And as you unlock the four pillars, they will begin to paint the picture of who you really are from the inside.

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In this Free Masterclass, you’ll learn:


1) In-depth understandings of the 4 Pillars with real life examples.


2) What transformations will begin to take place in your life as you unlock these deep soul truths.


3) How to unlock your Soul’s Calling through the 4 Pillars using intuition and sacred geometry, on your own or with me.




You’ll also get exclusive access to the Sacred Geometric Blueprint… normally offered to only those that purchase a Soul Purpose Activation from me.

To Be Clear:


Your Soul Purpose won’t save you! It won’t make you whole if you don’t believe that you are. And it won’t change the way you feel about yourself.


This is a spiritual journey and process. The wisdom and answers you seek must come from the inside. This is not a self-analysis or scientific process.


Therefore, this exploration is not for everyone. But it IS for you if you are ready to know the truth of who you are! To turn on the light switches inside. To truly come home to the greatest, most authentic expression of YOU.

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