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What it Means to Invest in Your Personal Growth

What it Means to Invest in Personal Growth, Charlotte Eléa

What it Means to Invest in Your Personal Growth

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The topic of money is probably sprinkled throughout your social feeds and inbox if you follow other life, career and spiritual coaches. I know it infiltrates my feeds all the time!


Coaches can’t get enough of talking about how to clear abundance blocks and make more money. In order to spend money on coaching, making more money seems to be the goal a lot of the time. And because this isn’t a direct goal of mine for you, nor what I hope will motivate you to work with me, I have avoided writing about it.


But it’s now gotten to the point where it feels like this topic has been so drained and exploited, that I have to shine light on the fact that there are a lot more reasons and motivations to invest in your personal growth other than making money!


Plus, I’ve recently made some breakthroughs with my own relationship with money, and realized some things about investing financially in personal growth that I believe will be helpful for many of you.


For a long time I believed that in an ideal world I would be able to offer all my services for free to those that needed it, and be financially supported by some overarching benevolent third party — the government, a grant, a benefactor, the earth herself. That way there never would have to be an issue of whether someone could afford it, and I wouldn’t have to leave anyone behind.


This was not reality. So I struggled with what to give away for free and what to charge for, not clear on where to draw the line, because I didn’t actually want to draw it. I ended up way undercharging for my offerings in order to find some sort of compromise.


But then I realized that in compromising my prices, I was compromising my work and the personal growth of my clients. Here’s how I realized this:


Investing in My Future Self


Investing in My Personal Growth, Charlotte EléaI have personally invested a lot of money into my own emotional, spiritual and professional health — a lot! Ever since I began a master’s program in clinical psychology when I was 24. The program required me to fulfill a certain number of hours of personal therapy with a licensed psychotherapist. This was money I did not have. All my income, plus some help from student loans, was going into my schooling and rent. But I made it work because I had to. And even after I fulfilled the required number of hours, I kept going because therapy was giving me something much more valuable than the dollars I spent and debt I accumulated. Financial debt was temporary. Emotional healing — that is permanent.


I credit the years of psychotherapy I did in my twenties to the fact that I found and kept the most amazing life partner, and have stayed happily coupled and married for over eight years now. There’s no price you can put on that.


Six years ago, when I was stuck and miserable in a career I hated, I went back to therapy. I was incredibly picky and chose someone at the top of their field, even though I didn’t think I could afford it. But I set my priorities and cut back—my happiness would be worth more than new clothes, devices and a fancy vacation. And it was: After a year of therapy, I gained the clarity and courage to leave that career behind, move to Los Angeles, and begin the business of my dreams. Definitely no price tag you can put on that.


This summer I came to another crossroads, this time in terms of my business. I knew exactly what I needed: a coach that would help me focus, stay consistent and craft my unique message to the world. I interviewed a lot of coaches—a lot! And I didn’t find the right fit until I spoke with a coach that was so far outside my budget my stomach turned into a tornado. Surprisingly, though, my intuition was on board. It told me to go for it, so I did. Within just a few months of coaching, I was more excited, committed and dedicated to my business than ever before, because it finally reflected the real me.


Every time I have invested in my personal growth I have spent more money than I thought I could afford. I often put the costs on credit cards, and/or made major sacrifices to other areas of my life. In the end the decision came down to not, “How much will this cost me?” but instead, “What will it cost me if I don’t do this?”


Costs come in a lot of different forms, only one of which is financial.


I can honestly say that every dollar I spent was worth it. Every single one, on every hour I put it, whether it was for a one-off healing or energy work session, or a long-term growth and transformation program. Even carrying the weight of debt was worth it. The costs of my unhappiness were too severe and much more burdensome to carry. And I paid off my credit cards eventually, every time.


But just because I invested a lot of money in my personal growth, doesn’t mean others need to, right?


Wrong. Very wrong, actually.


Clarifying My Priorities


The piece I did not give myself credit for, until recently, was that I experienced the positive results I did because I had invested. Investing money meant taking my mental health, my personal growth, and my business seriously. Very seriously. It meant making a commitment. It meant that I was putting something essential of myself into the process, in order to get something even better out.


And deep down I knew this every time. Otherwise I would not have spent money I didn’t believe that I had for the personal growth I so badly needed.


Money is energy—you probably hear a lot of people saying that these days. And it is true. It is the way that we decide that something is a priority in our life. For example, what’s more valuable to you: Always having a new car, or always keeping your fridge stocked with fresh organic foods? Saving money for a down payment on a home, or towards a trip of your dreams?


It’s always about prioritizing. If you don’t prioritize your personal growth, and if you aren’t willing to seriously invest in it, I am sorry to tell you that I don’t believe you will get very far with it. Not as far as you would like.


I realize that may sting for some of you. But if you have found yourself often saying, “I can’t afford it,” when you come across a program or a coach you really liked, just try asking yourself why. It may be that it’s just not worth it for you—that is often the case and is perfectly reasonable. Not being willing to pay the price reveals to you your true priorities and feelings.

And then there are also times of hardship we all go through when we have to skim way way back to the bare bone necessities—I’ve been there a few times, too. These are times we really are not able to afford it, and not just money–energy and time, too.


But, if “I can’t afford it” and “I really need it” are creating a clash of conflict within you, try asking yourself this: “What’s the cost to me if I don’t do this?”


And then find a way. Rethink your priorities. Why isn’t your emotional and spiritual health a serious priority? Can you make it one? Can you sacrifice something else in return?


My Promise to You


I charge money for my services based on 1) the commitment I expect and need from you, and 2) the amount of time required of me. The higher the investment you make, the bigger the outcome for you. Or to put it another way, the more you put in, the more you will get out.


I don’t charge for:


  • Community. Because this is a basic human necessity in my book. This is why I hold space in my FB group plus live once a month, host challenges, and relay transmissions for the collective.
  • Reflection. If you ask me a question or share something with me, I will personally respond. This doesn’t require a commitment on either of our parts.
  • Connection. I care about you, and want to get to know the people in my community! That is why I always make myself available.


I do charge for:


  • Healing. To journey deep into the shadows and activate internal resources to heal core wounds.
  • Personal Transformation. To create a new relationship with yourself based on love and trust.
  • Path Discovery. To know your true purpose and follow your unique spiritual path.


Because all three of these require a major commitment of energy on your part. When you are willing to invest money, sometimes above and beyond what you think you can afford, you are telling yourself, “Yes, this is important. This is so important that I am willing to sacrifice all these other things.” You go all in.


I needed to go ALL IN to activate the healing, have the breakthroughs and build the internal resources that I have. And if you wish to work with me, I need you to go ALL IN, too.


No more compromises! Your well-being, your happiness, your emotional and spiritual growth cannot be compromised. It is the most valuable thing to me.


If you are ready to make your personal and spiritual growth a priority, learn about How to Work with Me. And for a very limited time, purchase a 2018 Personal Forecast at the early bird price.