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Weekly Transmission: Your Ailing Heart

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Weekly Transmission: Your Ailing Heart

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For this week of Feb 12-19, we are being asked to directly face what is ailing and controlling our hearts, so that we may come back to wholeness and release.


Valentine’s Day can bring up a whole lot of loneliness, resentment and unworthiness. It’s the collective shadow that tells us we need another to be whole. Those of us that are single may feel this intensely directed at us. But also, those of us coupled may go into a clinging to perfect relating and romance to prove we are also whole, that we are one of the chosen lucky. To avoid the shadow.


This weekend I was reading about the molecular behavior of water, and how they have collective memory: one molecule takes on the behavior of another nearby, and it follows down the stream, even when the original exciting molecule is gone.


Emotions act similarly in that they remember, attach to and carry our thoughts. And continue to replicate within us until we consciously change the thought. This is the wisdom of the Three of Swords: to pay attention to what our emotions convey about what we  are telling ourselves through our thoughts. And the way we are trapping ourselves in the experience of heartache because of this.


Could the heartache you feel actually be rooted in a belief of your incompleteness, not enough-ness, helplessness, or not belonging?


The Ace of Swords comes through a 3rd time this month, now with an opportunity to free us from this emotional stuckness, imprisonment and turmoil. Detach the emotion from the belief, and in so doing, the emotion is released and you have the power within yourself to change the belief.


It takes practice to retrain your thoughts. Consciously witnessing them. Consciously reeling them in. Consciously asking yourself to let go. Consciously softening into the emotions that move now as a river within you.


You are not your thoughts or emotions. They are simply signals, indicators and expressions.


This week the partial solar eclipse on the 15th harkens back to the Full Moon lunar eclipse last month, where we set in motion a powerful release of the old and false, and an integration of deep inner truth. That intention is coming into effect now, if you let it.


This is a major move towards not just knowing you are whole in an abstract way, but experiencing it, too. That instead of being the one that needs more to be ready and enough, the one that has more than enough and through culmination, is ready to share.


(Cards featured in image above are from the Mary-El Tarot and the Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck.)


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