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Weekly Transmission: You Are Supported

Fountain tarot, 6 of swords

Weekly Transmission: You Are Supported

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For this week of February 5-11, we are letting go of the idea that we are not fully supported. Three of Coins Rx, Ace of Swords Rx, and Six of Swords show us how this belief is keeping ourselves stuck and how we can set ourselves free.


Three of Coins Rx carries with it a feeling that something is missing. A lack, a missing piece, a flaw in the foundation of our support system. There is an underlying fear and worry that everything we have gained, achieved, and worked for will topple at any moment. Sometimes it can feel as if we are holding up a thing with a weight that is just too heavy for us to sustain holding much longer.


And this leads us to doubt, to a place of confusion, foggy brain, lack of answers coming through clearly, and distrusting the answers that are coming through. The Ace of Swords Rx came through for us in our monthly forecast as our primary challenge this month. So we can both see where the roots of this confusion are seeded—a response to a need for support. And how we can begin to break out of the standstill we’ve gotten ourselves into.


Six of swords stands for our powers of faith and belief. We may use our minds to keep ourselves stuck, or we may use them to set us free. It’s a choice we make every day. So this week use your mind to set yourself free. Simply ask yourself to trust and believe that there is a different way, and that support and a solution will come. Not perhaps from a source that you can currently visualize— there is a journey we must all take in order to arrive at a place of full knowing.


The piece that needs our utmost faith this week is that we will receive what we need. When our intentions are pure, we are fully supported.


You may begin this journey by setting an intention and then simply becoming curious. Open your eyes to the knowledge and resources all around you. Begin moving forward regardless of the fact that you don’t believe you have it all. Each step you take, or paddle forward, will restore your faith just a little bit more, that there is nothing inherently lacking, and that you are supported.


(Cards featured in the image above are from the Fountain Tarot.)


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