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Weekly Transmission: We Are in This Together

Truth Transmission Aug 7 2017

Weekly Transmission: We Are in This Together

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This week, Aug 7-13, 2017, Two of Cups, Six of Wands and Unicorn tell us that when we recognize the support around us, it will be that much easier to shine and put our true self forward.


These last several days, it feels like everywhere I turn, I am witnessing systems that were unsteady and corrupt are collapsing, imploding from the inside. The impact of the total solar eclipse in two weeks is already making big waves, as well as the full moon partial eclipse today.


I mention this because for those of us unafraid of the darkness and mystery, committed to living a life aligned with our true and best self, the opposite is happening. We get to experience a moment of making real positive impact on our worlds and make great leaps forward on our paths.


The Six of Wands in the center of our reading illustrates this. Although you may have been feeling like you’ve been swimming in a sea of other people’s falsity for weeks, now what’s been hidden is being revealed and you have the chance to step out of the pack and call attention to your beauty and magnitude, and offer hope to others.


However, with Two of Cups and Unicorn on either side, we know we cannot do it alone. Although you may be stepping out from the pack, you are stepping out along with others. Honor the relationships you trust this week and send out waves of gratitude.


This also includes yourself–stay connected to your inner child, your ego, your shadow. All parts of you have something to contribute at this time. And forces you cannot see. Unicorn tells us that trusting in magic and the mystery is crucial, knowing you are divinely supported when you are taking a risk, being courageous and living through your heart.


Support is here for you, so call it in now. And be ready to offer and give in turn. Who can you support? We are in this together.


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(The decks featured in the image above are from The Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle.)