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Weekly Transmission: “Rising With”

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Weekly Transmission: “Rising With”

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“Rise above”… you’ve heard this expression many times, right? What does it actually mean? Are we rising above our own troubles? Someone else’s bad mojo? Our “negative” thoughts?


Our transmission for this week of March 19-25, 2018 breaks apart the status quo of how we’ve been relating to our most challenging issues.


Today, the Six of Swords is asking us to question and finesse the way we cope with stress, sorrow, negativity and things that generally feel icky, so that we are not letting any part of us behind in the dark as the rest of us escapes into rainbows and light.


What we don’t want is to fracture and polarize ourselves: one part in “la la” escapist land, the other unconscious still in the dull drums.


But we also don’t want to stay stuck in the shadows. So here’s a different idea: What if we can take a giant leap and bring that hope, love and light down to the basement floor? What if “rising above” is a momentary act that helps bring us back to wholeness?


The Ten of Cups reveals the interconnections that make each of us who we are. Wholeness means knowing that when we disown just one sliver of our truth, the rest of us suffers. Wholeness means always embracing, even when it feels temporarily painful. Wholeness means we can live in the rainbows of hope, joy and grace and in the dark of confusion and challenging emotions at the same time.


Wolf reveals the vital need for inner balance and union. Today, her message for us is: “every piece serves a purpose for the whole.” Our challenge this week is to not only find love and compassion for that part of ourselves we would like to outcast, but discover how it actually serves us, in a real sustainable way.


This is fucking radical, I know! And all my self-doubting inner voices are shouting at me to take it back. How can a negative thought be valuable? How can self-doubt be valuable?


That’s the point: We won’t know until we dare ourselves to ask the question, and get to the heart of what’s really pulling our threads. So just maybe, we may then “rise with” rather than above ourselves and others.


(Cards featured in the image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle.)


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