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Weekly Transmission: Refueling

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Weekly Transmission: Refueling

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Welcome to your weekly transmission for March 12-18, 2018: Pushing and cajoling will get you no where! Sometimes we need to stop and take a few steps backward to move forward once again.


What are you investing for the long haul? I’m not just talking about money. I’m talking about your health, your energy, sacrificing emotional attachments. Where do you need to build strength in order to really achieve what you desire?


These are the prudent questions we are being asked to focus our attention upon. Seven of Pentacles is asking us to ground deep into the physical, and perhaps stay here a while as we refill our reserves.


There’s no point trying to charge ahead at this moment. We just don’t have enough fuel. Saturn puts up a stop sign, warning us of repeating our most unhealthy patterns if we carelessly try to push and strive anyway.


So why not let alchemy create the fuel for us? Temperance comes through as a gift. In exchange for our surrender to the physical, energetic and emotional realms, we are activating our most potent creative force.


Temperance is often the least understood card in the Tarot because it requires little of us, other than backing off and taking it easy. We believe we need to be doing something to make progress, when in actuality Temperance tells us all we need to be doing is taking care of our bodies and souls. The rest is alchemy and happens behind the scenes of our consciousness. Like magic.


Expect a refreshed spirit in a few days, inspired outbursts, creative downloads, and loads of optimism for the road ahead. It’s okay that you’re not there at this moment. We can’t always be on. We all need to retreat and refuel.


(Cards featured in the image above are from the Mary-El Tarot and the Sacred Symbols Oracle.)