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Weekly Transmission: From Frustration to Flow

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Weekly Transmission: From Frustration to Flow

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Welcome to this week’s transmission: We are shifting from immovable to flowing, and surrendering our swords of push and conflict to the greater powers of our hearts.


Many of us are beginning this week feeling as if we are at a stand still. We’ve hit a rock wall and there seems to be just no way to get through.


But Two of Swords reveals to us our own lack of flexibility. We are just as solid, hard and stone as that wall. And as we continue to grind against our own limitations and barriers, all we are doing is creating heat and fire. Getting ourselves worked up and with no way to express it. That heat may be turning into anger and frustration pointed inward or directed outward.


Enter the Hierophant, represented by the Crow: a great caw and crack of thunder to awaken us to our self-perpetuating stuckness. Sometimes we need a little bit of shock or surprise to shift our energy and usher in self-awareness.


This week the Hierophant asks us to seek objective advice. Surrender our current ways of thinking and humble ourselves to someone who will hold the mirror up for us, revealing the truth about what will really set us free.


The Hierophant holds out a key, asking us to unlock the door of our most potent powers. This doorway directs us towards our fears. The Hierophant says, “The only way through is through it.


We are stepping away from the solar heat of the sun into the cool rivers of the moon. This redirection is a lunar one, opening us to our true motivation and determination. Our true abilities to overcome whatever is in our ways.


This motivation lives just past the fear and emotional triggers. When we bravely march through what we fear we come into the center of our hearts. And then, we become unstoppable. We embrace it all: the fear, the trigger, the emotion, the love, the courage. Like the Wild Mare who won’t stop at anything to experience her heart’s desire.


We are met with a felt sense of spirit bigger than ourselves. It is more than our flesh and bones that drive us. And not simply our minds that set us free. It is an expansion and opening of our hearts and letting someones and something else in.


(Cards in the image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Tarot.)


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