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Weekly Transmission: Defining Love

Mary El Tarot, Temperance, Three of DIsks

Weekly Transmission: Defining Love

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This week we are diving deep into our histories to explore the questions of, What is family? And what is Love? Opening portals to create our own truths, rather than carrying on the truths handed down to us.


The Three of Discs takes you to a core truth you hold with all humanity: you need others. Not just for survival, you need others to love, connect and create a sense of identity. You need others to remind you how and where you fit into the world. You need others to impact and be impacted. You need others to thrive.


Someone(s) helped you become who you are today. And so, the problem arises, what if those people are not mirroring who you wish to be? What if the pain of remaining tied to where you come from feels greater than being alone? What then?


We cannot change the past, and we cannot transform the flesh and bones of what we are made of, but we can transform our relationships to our pasts, and thus, who we choose to become.


This week we are being asked to be the Tiger that emerges from the chaotic waters of our unconscious. Temperance teaches us Alchemy. Creating space for emotion because it carries truth. Through the pain of the past, we discover the desire and will power to create a different future. By following where and how our emotions choose to express themselves, we find our real voice.


You are not alone in this process. There is no need to choose between Truth and Connection. You get to define what family means, what love means. And in fact, the moment has arrived when you cannot carry on without defining for yourself how and who you choose to support, hold and witness, and be supported, held and witnessed by.


This is a Breakthrough moment. It is living by your own rules, and releasing the hold, the guilt and the obligation of the past.


Your presence in all its forms is a gift to whom you choose to share it. You are creating a new experience of living, breathing love and interconnection.


(Cards featured in the image above are from the Mary-El Tarot and the Sacred Symbols Oracle.)


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