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Weekly Transmission: Clear Sight

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Weekly Transmission: Clear Sight

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For this super-blue-blood full moon eclipse week of Jan 29-Feb 3, 2018: Five of Swords, Death and Unicorn present us with a powerful opportunity to release our greatest self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns, and usher in true inner wisdom and clear sight.


This is big— I’ve been feeling the energy building up to the full moon on Weds morning for several days. I spent the weekend pouring over dreams revealing all the ways I’ve been keeping myself small and blinded, and then further dreams showing me my path to freedom and divine inner unity.


With the full moon in Leo being eclipsed by the Sun in Aquarius we are calling forth the deepest disabling beliefs that have kept us trapped, and welcoming in higher thinking to free us.


Let’s begin with those disabling beliefs—Five of Swords shows us the pattern, whereby we do one thing expecting a certain result, and we get the opposite. Whereby in trying to heal ourselves, we hurt ourselves further. Whereby we end of circling over and over, expecting a different outcome and always get the same. For many of us, this is the obstacle that has stopped us over and over again from believing that we are worthy or ready enough of receiving what we most desire.


Right now, it’s time to set an intention to release this pattern, and to know yourself whole and complete. It is because we don’t see ourselves worthy/ready that we have stayed in this pattern. It is time to end it. The moment has arrived, Death tells us.


Welcome in the experience/ feeling/ embodiment of being fully you, fully present, fully powerful, loved, and wise. Allow this experience to move that disabling belief totally out of alignment. Allow yourself to see it for what it really is: an outfit you’ve outgrown, that’s ready to go into the trash. And with the help of the lunar/solar energy on Weds, so it will be done.


Receiving Unicorn as a guide is truly a gift: the gift of clear seeing and higher wisdom. The veil being lifted between you and your intuition. The channels open. What is it that you desire to know about yourself, your purpose, or your desires?  Ask and you shall receive.


In fact, there is a wisdom that has already fully birthed within you beyond the veil of consciousness. You were not ready to know it before, but after this release, you are prepared to use this wisdom and allow it to redirect you, and create the next step forward on your sacred path.


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(Cards featured in image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Oracle.)