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Weekly Transmission: Breakthrough to Acceptance

Mary El Tarot 9 of Swords, 2 of disks

Weekly Transmission: Breakthrough to Acceptance

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For this week of Feb 19-26, we can each expect a series of breakthroughs, but none like you may have been expecting. These realizations are culminating in a place of acceptance over what you have to learn.


You may be beginning this week looking and feeling into your fears and limitations, being like: “I am so over you!” “This is so done!”


That’s the 9 of Swords moment: When the cost of the fear begins to outweigh the fear itself. It means you are ready to step through it. And question the reality that your thoughts and beliefs have created. There’s another reality available to you. One that contains the experience of freedom.


There’s a temptation that happens when we are on a cusp like this, to hurry up and find the solution. “What is that new reality? I need it now!” We get impatient.


Saturn comes through to remind us that it is okay to experience a limitation. Rather than believe we cannot tolerate the discomfort of being in-between knowing and not knowing, instead we can accept that there is a lesson for us to learn through the experience.


Two of Discs returns to us – if you watched my Feb forecast, you’ll remember this energy was primary. And so this week you have an opportunity to begin seeing your world in a new way, through the eyes of paradox and potential.


Maybe your breakthrough moment won’t be a moment after all, but instead a slow culmination and digestion of the wisdom your intuition directs you towards.


The primary lesson is imperfection. Breaking through fear will not immediately fix what you believe is broken. But instead awaken you into acceptance of your imperfection. This is a humble moment. If you embrace it, you can expect to receive the steps towards learning what you need next.


Remember the mantra from our Feb Forecast this week to bring these energies into balance: “I know. And also, I don’t know.”


(Cards featured in the image above are from the Mary-El Tarot, and the Sacred Symbols Oracle.)


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