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Truth Transmission: There’s Still Time

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Truth Transmission: There’s Still Time

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For this week of December 18-24, 2017: Six of Wands, Nine of Wands and Fox give us the wits and drive to see through to the end what we had started. You may feel as if you are flying one moment and climbing a mountain the next, but regardless, you are making magic every way you move yourself forward this week.


What lose ends are you tying and tidying up? As we begin this week, the message is that there is still space and time! No need to rush, no need to push under the rug and say, “I’ll deal with that next year.”


Six of Wands reveals that the energy is aligned for us all to do/express/accomplish exactly what we have been working towards. What’s holding you back is not practical in the least (though you may rationalize it as such). Nine of Wands reveals that your resistance comes internally, like self-doubt, and fear of failure and recognition.


So this is your push to get it done and send it out. And not let yourself be your own greatest enemy. You don’t need me to tell you how capable you are—you get to tell yourself that.


Fox comes through as our guide to help us pounce when the moment is right and ripe. She is quick, and we can be quick and efficient this week, too. Clear away the doubt and hesitation and simply act, knowing you are aligned. The universe is on your side.


Fox is also a liminal guide of dusk and dawn. She is showing us how much magic happens when we take action during these transitional times, as we now near the portal to 2018. You are ready to shape shift in all the ways you had dreamed this year. Who was it that you wanted to become? How was it that you were ready to grow? Now you become it. Snap your fingers, take action and you are there.


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(Cards featured in image above are from The Wild Unknown Tarot and from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle.)