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Truth Transmission: The Dead has Awoken

Wild Unknown Tarot Hierophant, Death and Snake

Truth Transmission: The Dead has Awoken

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I am overjoyed to be back with you after a week away! For this week of October 9-16, 2017, The Hierophant, Death Rx and Snake let us know that the dead has awoken and has something to teach us along its final path towards oblivion.


I’ve been seeing, hearing and learning about crows all week. Their great colonies are called murders. And it is thus, without surprise, that the Hierophant calls to us with the screeching caw of a crow, to contemplate what we have been in the process of murdering. Whatever it is, it is not as finished as we had thought, and still has something to teach us. It’s caw cannot be ignored.


So be on the look out for messages and signs. Your teacher may live within you, or may be an old friend, frenemy or acquaintance. Perhaps someone you cut ties with. Perhaps a place, a song, or a memory. Look for queues that take a sharp turn down a dark path. “I’ve already been there,” you may be saying to yourself, “its behind me.”


Not so much… the dead has awakened and is standing before you. What you thought was behind you was actually hiding in the dark, waiting for you to see and know something essential about it before it can finally, truly take its last waltz.


Imagine, if you will, that this lesson rides along the head of a Snake. It starts its journey deep in your gut, your womb space, and makes its journey slowly all the way up your spine. What gets activated along the way? How can you actually physically digest this lesson as you have never before? How can you dance with it, and know it’s rhythm, make this process sublime? Just because we are playing in the dark does not mean this is a dreary day.


And perhaps that is part of the lesson: rather than an attitude of “good riddance” — the walking dead is looking for gratitude, a fond farewell, and integration of what once was and needed to be.


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(The cards featured in the image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Oracle.)