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Truth Transmission: Surrender to Change

The Wild Unknown Ten of Pentacles, Five of Swords, Bear

Truth Transmission: Surrender to Change

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For Nov 27 to Dec 3, 2017: Ten of Pentacles, Five of Swords Rx and Bear ask us to surrender to our own growth cycles and give up control.


Before there is growth, there is always contraction. A turning over, like when trees lose their leaves, to prepare for a new cycle to begin. We are similarly arriving at a new beginning, which is currently in the gestation stage deep in our bodies, but nonetheless influencing all the events and outcomes around us, bringing forth change and uncertainty. The ten of Pentacles asks us to see that this is not as a loss, but a a completion. We must shift away from serving our sense of pleasure and satisfaction towards serving our greater good.


And I’ll repeat again: This is not a loss. If we continue to see it as such, and try to control the outcome, we will fail to see what is going to give birth in our lives. We will only see the negative, and fail to know that we are receiving precisely what we had asked for, and precisely what we need.


Instead of focusing on what you are giving up, this is the time to reflect upon how far you have come, what you have learned, and how you are a changed person from one year ago. Can you see how amazing this is?


The best we can do now is surrender and trust. Allow yourself to expand into the complex matrix of the natural cycles of the earth. You can let go. There is no place for worry or fret. All is happening for a reason.


One of my personal power animals, Bear, comes through for us this week to reveal our strength and resilience through change. Bear hibernates four months of the year so that she may tend to her own natural cycles. As her body temporarily wanes, her family grows as she nurses her cubs through winter. Expansion and contraction at the same time.


Her growth cycle match to the earth’s. She is asking us to see how we are similarly synchronized, and allow temporary loss to lead to the great growth we have been working towards.


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Cards featured in the image above are from The Wild Unknown Tarot and The Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Oracle.