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Truth Transmission: Stop Giving Away Your Power

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Truth Transmission: Stop Giving Away Your Power

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For the week of September 11-17: Five of Wands, Father of Pentacles and Lion ask us to look at where we are giving our energy away. We are more powerful than we think.


Five of Wands is a reality check. Look around you– where is your energy going? What are you engaging in that is a drain to your resources? And what actions can you take or stop taking that will immediately lighten your load?


Sometimes we just need to turn our heads slightly to the left. Sometimes a literal cleaning house is what is called for. Sometimes we need to break and shift things up, like new surroundings, or new routine.


A renewed groundedness is within our grasps. The Father of Pentacles reminds us that we are masters of our own domains, but also that we only truly become masters when we operate from a deeper sense of purpose. Basically, this moment is not just about you. How can you serving yourself in a very practical sense, also mean serving others? Where do the two meet? This is what we are being called to discover.


No grand gestures are needed at this time. No show of competence or worthiness. Lion calls forth our inner king and reminds us that often times we are the most powerful in our stillness. In our ability to wait, to watch and to allow others to come to us.


Wear your strength and resolve like the mane of a lion around your neck. Imagine yourself on a plateau overlooking the valley of your surroundings. You are in charge. You make a move only when necessary.


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Cards featured in image are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Oracle.