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Truth Transmission: Receiving Exactly What We Need

Fountain Tarot Tower, 3 of Cups, Lucky, Sacred Symbols Oracle

Truth Transmission: Receiving Exactly What We Need

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For this week of December 4-10, 2017: Worry will get you no where! (Like it ever does, right?) The Tower, Three of Cups and Lucky advise us to let go of what we cannot control, think positively and be open to wonderful surprises coming our way.


First, a mini tangent…I know so many of you sort of freak out when you see The Tower. traditional divinatory Tarot says it indicates total catastrophic destruction. Sometimes the case, yes, but only if you are living your life completely without integrity and out of alignment to your soul’s purpose. Not you? I didn’t think so!


For the rest of us The Tower is a huge exhale and surrender this week, a crumbling away of a hard, defensive and no longer necessary outer shell. What’s been keeping you feeling blocked? What is that wall you keep hitting up against? A limiting belief has run its full course. All you need to do is ask for it to be taken away, and like that—it’s gone.


More than ever, we need to repeat this refrain: I will always receive what I need, even if I do not receive what I want.


There is a really important lesson at play, regarding letting go of expectations, and being open to receive and acknowledge the blessings and gifts that come your way. That is why it is so important to think positively this week and rejoice and take to heart the wins, no matter how small and humble they appear to be.


The universe is conspiring for us to connect and meet our soul’s desires, which will present themselves in completely surprising forms. We don’t want to miss out!


So to repeat: You do not need what you do not receive. You will get what you need, even if it is not what you think you want. You are lucky. You are blessed. You are honored and celebrated.


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(Card featured in the image above are from the Fountain Tarot and the Sacred Symbols Oracle.)