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Truth Transmission: Power is at Play

Tarot del Fuego, Sacred Symbols Oracle Breakthrough

Truth Transmission: Power is at Play

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Hello everyone here’s our weekly forecast for October 16-22, 2017: Queen of Wands, Eight of Wands and Breakthrough ask us to seriously consider, “Where am I placing and directing my power?”


Tarot del Fuego was calling me this morning, with a message of some intensity. And let me just say, that Breakthrough card from the Sacred Symbols Oracle also doesn’t come through lightly.


Queen of Wands gets us firmly seated in our will power. She gives nothing away. She knows the wonderful paradox that her fire is both her and not her. Whatever is outside her is matched within. Because of this she knows the only choice is for her to use and direct that power as if she were a Goddess and creator of fire.


We have that choice this week, too. Eight of Wands means a major unleashing that you may at first experience as outside you. Power is at play. You can become a victim of it and run, you can go with the flow and acquiesce, or like this Queen suggests, you can grab it, and use it to break down the systems of old, making room for new growth and ways of living, working and loving.


Breakthrough reveals to us the ways our castles have not served us. Where have we accepted cold, lonely and cavernous rooms within, rather than creating space for compassion and creativity? Where have the towers of our rigid beliefs kept us high and tall and looking down rather being with? What would it mean to come down, all the way down from our egos and touch ground?


Channeling the power of fire comes through not as “I want to.” It may not even feel good. Nor will it be justified through carefully rationalized explanations.


What it fills us with are two words: “I must.” This is the certainty of precisely directed will power and a breakthrough in progress.


(Cards in the image above are from the Tarot del Fuego, and the Sacred Symbols Oracle.)