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Truth Transmission: One Step at a Time

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Truth Transmission: One Step at a Time

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For this week of December 11-17, 2017: Six of Cups, Daughter of Wands and Buffalo ask us to keep it simple with one step at a time.


On the surface, you may be feeling strong, calm and confident. You are busy, and  taking care of business in all of the best organized, efficient and quickly paced ways. This is great. HOWEVER, is your need to keep yourself totally together pushing away emotions? Are you avoiding feeling the feels because you think it will get in the way, and disrupt your momentum?


Six of Cups tells us that deep emotional chords are being struck, which send reverberations to the surface. You can avoid the emotional vibrations for a while, but eventually they will break through.


You can make a choice now: if you continue to avoid, those emotions will at some point hit you hard, seemingly out of the blue. Like a sudden mood swing, break down or burn out.


Or you can go the easier route: Your emotions don’t have to be this big, threatening thing. Daughter of Wands reveals them as simply energy that needs to be released and brought back into balance. Take a few moments each day and acknowledge the scaries, the heartache, or whatever else is brewing beneath. Give your emotions words and communicate them to a trusted loved one. Who will help you laugh, and feel loved and accepted.


This simple act reveals how these emotions this week really are not what you think they are. They are simply an excess of energy, the byproduct and what is left behind in the body when you go through change.


Buffalo reminds us to take just one step at a time, to keep our energies leveled out, and to avoid the major peaks and dips. With one step at a time we know we are on the right path. We only need to see immediately what is before us right now to know we are heading in the right direction. We don’t need to exhaust ourselves with big plans for the future. Each step determines the next.


So, this week if you begin to notice that your pace and efficiency are beginning to drag, take a break. Come back to the present. Breath and look around you. Feel within. Laugh or cry. And then simply take one more step.


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(Cards featured in the image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Oracle.)