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Truth Transmission: It’s Go Time

Wild Unknown Six of Wands, Father of Wands, Horse

Truth Transmission: It’s Go Time

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For this New Moon week of September 18-24: Six of Wands, Father of Wands and Horse ask us, So, what are you waiting for? Like it or not, it’s go time. You are ready to set out to achieve exactly what you wish.


I know, it’s nice to sit in pause, reflecting on the whopper of intensity this last month has sent us through, feeling a mix of relief, gratitude and achievement for coming through it grown, transformed, a richer, stronger, wiser person. It’s wonderful just to look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “yeah, I did that!” And, “yeah, I’m pretty damn awesome.” But we can’t sit here long. This was not the purpose–just a nice added bonus.


The purpose was to prepare you for what is coming next, for which YOU are now going to lead and instigate. A powerful mix of strength, virtue, love, purpose and desire erupted through the deep shadows you excavated these past several weeks, and now like a lightning bolt, you are ready to complete the process of alchemy and put everything you’ve got into your vision and your mission.


The question you want to be asking yourself is: How do I want to change the world? And then transform that want into will — I will change the world!


This is your new moon intention.


There is nothing stopping you here on out — no obstacles yet in sight. The terrain is clear and your conviction fuels you and gives you the strength of endurance. The earth supports you in your mission. Focus your attention on your feet and legs this week for strength as you allow the wind to carry you, the sun to drive you, the moon to cool you down, and the earth to hold you.


If you are ready to shake things up — to transform your life in order to transform the world — I want to connect. I’d love to invite you into a discovery call with me. I am passionate about preparing the next soul leaders from the inside out. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a time to chat.


(Cards featured in the image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Animal Oracle.)