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Truth Transmission: Ground, Direct and Expand your Energy


Truth Transmission: Ground, Direct and Expand your Energy

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This week three animal totems are coming through to ground, direct and expand our energies under the new moon (which is tonight), so that we may begin to make the most out of the new year.


Daughter of Pentacles, represented by the Fawn is asking us to be curious, experimental and open. Fawn grows up and eventually becomes the Empress, creator and sustainer of life, beauty and abundance. But for now, she is still smelling the flowers and getting to know her world.


How can you take a similar approach to what you would like to manifest this year? Be a student of the earth. Consider every step a test, consider every movement play. So you have the space to gain mastery over a new art form. And when the time comes to meet a challenge, you’ll have the skills and readiness to take it on.


Father of Cups, represented by the black swan is asking us to direct the flow of our emotions and intuition with purpose. Although you may not be aware of it, you are always feeling something. Emotions tend to hide out in the darkest corners, away from the light of consciousness when we are avoiding them. The Swan is asking us to invite all these emotions forward so that we may learn what they want, and learn where we are hiding from ourselves. And, thus, come into complete truth and transparency about the present moment.


Once you know how you really feel, you can direct it with ease and grace. You can express your emotions through art, you can use them to switch your focus, you can allow them to motivate you into action. You can allow them to tell you what you actually desire, and then allow your memory and imagination to activate the feeling of that desire within you, and set an intention to receive more of it.


Dolphin is coming through with a shift in perspective for us. What if what you desire for yourself is not just for you? What if all this play is preparing you for a role that will change the way you think about yourself within community and your place in the world?


Dolphin energy will be coming through a lot throughout 2018, creating a bridge between individual needs and the collective. We are learning a new way of being, working, relating and thriving together, which will take time.


But for now, the current step is consider what you want and how this might be something that a whole lot of others want and are working towards, too. The new moon is a wonderful moment to (re)set intentions. As part of that intention, ask to join with the collective. Ask to be of service to it, and receive from it, both.


Expanding your intention in this way is like joining a wave of powerful cosmic energy and riding it. Receiving a boost of motivation, aligning you with the collective, and pushing you in the right direction. The learning process gets easier, emotions become friends and life becomes a playground to safely stretch your limbs.


(The cards in the image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Oracle.)


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