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Truth Transmission: Be Unafraid of the Dark

The WIld Unknown, Spirit Animal Card Crow, Tarot Card Six of Wands

Truth Transmission: Be Unafraid of the Dark

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Our transmission for this week of Oct 30-Nov 5, 2017 is a shorter one because I’ll be delivering a much more in-depth message for Day of the Dead on Weds–stay tuned! Crow and Six of Wands inspire us not to hold anything back and not to fear going into the darkness.


Oh, the Crow. Such a complex, magnificent creature. Crow is brash, cunning, and never holds back from using the full extent of its singular and collective powers. Crow is a liminal being, meaning it moves freely in both the light and the dark.


Often a symbol for dark magicks, Crow is here this week to teach us how to use our own forces of darkness for our own good, by being cunning, strategic and using our voices. The Butterfly on Six of Wands reminds us where it came from and what it went through to earn its wings.


What darker, scarier areas within yourself can you tap into in order to bring about the aim you desire? Or, What needs to come to an end in your own life that could use your powers of death and destruction?


How can you reclaim a part of yourself long kept in shadow and use it this week to unleash your most bad ass self? How can you be the queen or king of darkness for just a day?


Wear this new you like a costume, and no one will know what you’re really up to. Just a costume, sure… no one needs to know what you’ve really got going on behind the cloak. So cunning.


Look out for a post on Weds with a video Day of the Dead transmission, where I’ll deliver a message coming through from the other side, and discuss ways you may connect to your passed loved ones, too.


(Cards featured in image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Oracle.)