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Weekly Truth Transmission: Alchemizing Emotion into Insight

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Weekly Truth Transmission: Alchemizing Emotion into Insight

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Hello, everyone. For July 17-23, 2017: the Lovers, Six of Cups and Dragonfly bring us into joyful union with our inner child which reopens our heart and allows a beautiful alchemization of emotion into insight.


When I speak of the inner child, I know many of you shutter and want to walk away. We often associate our inner child with pain or grief, with all the ways we trip ourselves up, with our insecurities and attachments. When actually your inner child is also the source of your power, creativity and joy. She is misunderstood and knows it, which is why she really wants your attention.


So this week, give it to her. Listen to what she wants to do and feel, and she may express to you her sadness but she will also express to you her sincerity, her desire, and through this simple act of listening and feeling is born love. The heart opens and we are at once our inner child and highest self, giving and receiving the love we once sought external to us.


I recently read the story of the dragonfly and it blew me away: the dragonfly spends the first part of its life as a water nymph, never tasting air. But then it is compelled to climb up the edge of rock out of the water and shed its skin. A set of 4 crumpled wings are revealed, but in order to make use of those wings the dragonfly begins a magnificent act of transferring and propelling the water in its body to its wings to give them life and power.


Remember this week that your waters are your life force. You can use the source of how you feel to know who you are, and this is all you need to move forward, and all you need to make an impact in this big, wonderful world.


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