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What you’ll come away with:


1. How to go from Trigger —> Healing —> Breakthrough!


2. Deep awareness of your current healing cycle: What triggers bring you in, where you get stuck, and how you get through.


3. What you can do immediately once you get triggered to kick off HEALING instead of getting STUCK.


4. The Five Stages on Non-Mastery: All the signs that point to repeating the same hurtful cycle again.


5. The Seven Stages of Healer Mastery: To create a graceful, transformative and joyful healing experience (including the KEY that I was missing for a very long time)!


Plus, Bonuses:


1. An Editable PDF Worksheet that guides you step-by-step through the transformation of your healing cycles.


2. A personal Healing Cycle Assessment from me, when you sign up to learn more about Healer Mentorship.


We all get triggered…


Someone says something that upsets the sh*t out of you, or you suddenly find yourself trapped in doubt or anxiety, or you say something and then want to hide in shame, or a plan doesn’t go your way, or or or…


We all have our own triggers. We KNOW these triggers. Like an achilles heal, they feel like places of weakness.


Because what triggers you can also be what get’s you feeling STUCK.


So, would it sound strange to you if I told you that I LOVE my triggers?


Every time I get triggered, I know that something really amazing is about to happen.


That’s because I have embraced my triggers as the first stage of the HEALING CYCLE. And since I have mastered my healing cycles, I know that this is how I receive my most profound insights and wisdom.


We ALL move through healing cycles. You heal in order to learn, grow and improve yourself.


It’s the only way.


Call it embracing challenges, facing demons, or whatever you like — it’s still healing.


Each healing cycle you master and move through brings you into a greater place of wholeness, and thus, wisdom, capacity and strength.


And THAT’S WHY you want to learn how to master them.


You know you haven’t yet mastered your healing cycles if you are repeating the same painful patterns over and over again. You get triggered, you get stuck, eventually you dig yourself out, but then you repeat the cycle again, because you didn’t learn its lesson.


Ohh yes, I have been there! It’s frustrating AF. It can feel as if you are sabotaging yourself and there is nothing you can do about it.


But there is something you can do… that’s why I led this workshop.


Here’s what it can look like:  Trigger —> Healing Cycle —> Breakthrough!


And I walk you through the process. I hope you’ll join the replay! You can sign up for FREE here:


This workshop meets everyone at all different points of mastering their healing cycles!


No matter where you are at, you will receive something new that will lead you to take the next step.


But I gotta warn you… you will be challenged, you may be pushed out of your discomfort zone, and you will be called to make some changes.


This workshop is ONLY for those that are ready to take full ownership over their triggers and the painful patterns in their lives.


I believe everyone can learn how to heal themselves… if they are courageous, if they love being self-responsible, and if they believe in the path of radical self-love and self-compassion.