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Transmission: Creatively Correcting Course

the wold unknown tarot - chariot, temperance, lion

Transmission: Creatively Correcting Course

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Three powerful energies – Chariot, Temperance and Lion – give us a lot to work with this week in order to connect our outer calling and motivation to our inner sense of truth and well-being.


I often talk about living from the inside-out: How when we begin by listening deeply within and then choose to act, we are living in alignment with our truth. But this week, a sort of reverse is happening. Where we are being inspired to learn about ourselves through the actions we take.


The Chariot tells us to stop thinking and start doing. Whatever wave of energy you are riding, don’t get off, keep going. Whatever idea, plan or project has been running its course through your mind, put it into practice. The Chariot is a big fat YES and green light. When Momentum comes, we gotta use it.


But that green light does not mean there will be no obstacles ahead. Precisely the opposite. It is only through “doing” that we can put our creative powers to work. If the Chariot are your horses, Temperance is your driver. We are being asked now to allow our emotions to mingle with our will, and our inner voice to reflect upon our outer choices.


Where are you hitting the same bump in the road over and over again? Where are you getting lost and confused? What is stopping you all together? By activating our most frustrating patterns we can find a new way.


Consider, first, where you wish to get to. Be honest about you desires. What do you really want out of the actions you are taking? How do you wish to feel? And then, open yourself to the possibility that there is another way to get there. And actually, the way you were going was going to take you somewhere else entirely.


Our intuitions love it when we are clear on our intentions. When we are not, we often create our own road blocks so that we get clear.


Practicing this way requires a whole mess of patience for ourselves. We have to allow ourselves to make mistakes, and coolly observe and direct from a perch just a bit removed from all the action.


Lion comes through to guide us through that process, and to let us know that we are safe and protected, no matter what missteps we observe about ourselves. The little moments of doubt, frustration and confusion make little difference in the end. In the end, it’s how we choose to make use of these learning moments.


How we bring all of the parts of ourselves together, never abandoning ourselves when we are afraid, scared or in doubt. But instead activating our intuitions and the voices of our highest selves when we need them most. Always telling ourselves, “It’s okay, there is another way,” and then opening ourselves to know and receive it.


As you wait patiently and contently, you may find it helpful to repeat this affirmation: “I am already wise. I already have the answers I seek within me.”


(Cards featured in the image above are from the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Deck.)


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