A little over a year ago, I began writing a book about me.

Little did I know that writing this book would transform my life.


Not only did it allow me to tell my personal story about owning my worth, but it also pushed me through the shame of unveiling hidden, vulnerable and sometimes painful secrets, shedding insight, compassion and wisdom on my journey by offering it as a gift to other women.


Each chapter begins with a lie I told myself that trapped me in a place of unworthiness, like: “I am defined by my career,” “I am way too sensitive and emotional,” and “I just don’t fit in.” And then follows my personal journey towards unlearning that lie and discovering my truth behind it.


Each chapter ends with a short writing exercise for you, the reader, to discover your own truth behind the lie.


The Lies I Told Myself (And the Truths that Woke Up the Real Worthy Me) is near completion! But before I launch this golden baby into the big wide world, I am offering it to a few women to get first access, receive personal feedback from me, and participate in the book’s evolving magic and creation…

You are invited to join

The Worthiness Project:


A 12-week journey to release the lies of unworthiness you tell yourself, and reclaim the real worthy you!

Each Week:


  • Receive 2 chapters of The Lies I Told Myself to read
  • Complete 2 exercises that will allow you to integrate the wisdom of each chapter, and unveil your truths.
  • Share your insights and revelations in a safe and sacred group of other beautiful, unique and vulnerable women.


I am offering this to you at ZERO $ COST.
Here’s what I am asking from you if you decide to join:


  • A weekly heart commitment of reading 2 chapters, completing 2 exercises and sharing responses and insights in the group space.
  • A commitment to be seen and heard for who you are by others in the group. Your vulnerability, realness and truth is your gift.
  • Your agreement not to share the content of the book outside of the group.


Other Requirements:


  • You have or are willing to open a Facebook Acct: All chapters, exercises and activity will be posted in the secret FB group.
  • You identify as a woman, whatever that word may mean to you. Cisgender and Transgender women are all welcome in this Sacred Space.


Why Join:


  • You get to be part of an exclusive group of first readers and provide valuable feedback that will help the book evolve and grow.
  • You’ll get an intimate, insider’s view of my personal journey towards worthiness: the real, the raw and the highly vulnerable!
  • You’ll receive profound personal insights and breakthroughs, as you follow my journey and complete the exercises.


PLUS, two other wonderful bonuses to joining:


  1. Weekly personal feedback from me on your insights, breakthroughs, questions, and journey towards worthiness. As you share in the group space, I will personally respond.
  2. Weekly live reflection videos from me: to go more deeply into shared threads, discuss upcoming chapters, and answer your questions.

The Next 12-Week Journey begins February 2019.

(One is currently underway.)


If this is peaking your interest, I ask you to take a few moments to feel into whether this offering has arrived on your screen at the right moment. Are you all in, and excited for the journey? Is your soul calling out to you to heal the lies of unworthiness you live with every day?


If you are a full-bodied YES, complete your application now:

Apply for The Worthiness Project

Since I am going to be all in, too, I am limiting spaces for this journey as not to spread my energy thin. I don’t set an enrollment cap, but rather, I will be feeling into the energy of the group and will close enrollment when it feels full. So, please apply now if you just KNOW this is for you.


This project is perfect for you, if one or more of these apply:


  • You would like to release the lies of unworthiness that trap you
  • You are ready to discover your truths – who you really are
  • You are ready to embrace the real worthy you
  • You desire to share your own wisdom, experiences and truths with the world, in book or another form, but it still feels scary
  • You desire heart-centered this-is-the-real-me connections with other women
Apply Now