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The Magic of Twelve

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The Magic of Twelve

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My path as an intuitive guide has taken me through some dark inner places.


Some outright confusing places, some overwhelming and icky places, and some wonderful, joyful and expansive places, too.


And I surrender to going there, all the way there, because I know it is my work and my path to go as deep and as dark as my intuition will take me, so that I can accompany you on wherever your journey takes you, too.


At one time or another, we all feel a bit lost, overwhelmed or stuck. We all become mired in self-doubt and paralyzed with fear. Great journeys actually often begin from these places. Before I found my way to this intuitive work, I felt trapped in a career that drained my soul and experienced all of the above!


It is my purpose to usher you through whatever is to come next for you, whatever rocky or wondrous terrain your journey takes you through, so that you can activate real change in your life and come through the other end where clarity, joy and love are found.


A year and a half ago, I offered my first intuitive workshop, where I brought together my passion for Tarot, my gifts for deep discovery, and six stages of the journey through change.


And now? As I open registration for Fall, this journey has evolved into Twelve Sacred Stages.


Why? Because, during the last year and a half, as I committed to my own evolution and embraced transformation, I have served witness to the sacred stages that I and my clients have gone through.


And I came to know, through deep contemplation, that there are twelve stages to a sacred journey. And each one is an invaluable piece of the process to bring about real change.


I am excited to share a bit about each of these stages below, and what I have gained from each of them.


You have an opportunity now to journey through all of these stages with me, and activate immediate change in your life.


JOURNEY: A 12-week vision quest and group coaching program is now open for Fall enrollment, and I am currently interviewing applicants.


  • Transform your current self-doubt into trust, fear into courage, and grief into love
  • Gain clarity and confidence over your next steps
  • Commit to the changes you want to make in your life, and follow through
  • Understand what is tripping you up, and breakthrough resistance
  • Feel empowered by your choices and excited to take courageous action
  • Master a simple, fun and intuitive approach to reading cards
  • Join a supportive community, make new life-long connections, and learn from others committed to learning how to live from the inside out
  • Deepen into a sacred relationship to spirit and your highest self
  • Activate the full power of your intuition, imagination and dreams
  • Learn a new way of living, learning and making decisions


GET ALL THE DETAILS AND APPLY HERE. There are just a few spots left, so set up your chat with me now by completing the form on that page. We begin in September.


The 12 Stages of the Sacred Journey


Acceptance: Jung summarized it best when he said, “We cannot change anything unless we accept it.” 90% of my stuck moments come from resisting what I feel, what I’ve done, who I am, or what I need to do. And as soon as I usher in acceptance, everything becomes so much lighter and easier.


Activation: Desire is my fuel. It sets a fire inside me and motivates me to keep going, no matter what it takes. My desire longs for adventure, truth and love, and knows what it wants. And my intention is born from this place, aligning my fire with my soul.


Alchemy: I have learned that there is power, magic and beauty in my deepest darkest emotions, and this stage is all about learning how to transmute emotion into art, drive, and individuality, which is an essential practice in the stages to come.


Shadow Work: Many of my most transformative moments have arisen because I set an intention to journey deep into my shadows and bring them to light. This is the most challenging part of the journey, and also perhaps the most beneficial.


Communion: I would never be able to continue to do the inner work I do on a daily and weekly basis, if I didn’t regularly nurture my spiritual connection. We all need to be held by the universe, spirit and community in our sacred journeys, and support is there when we ask.


Love: Self-love is not something that comes easily, and compassion and forgiveness are a choice. A choice that I must consciously make on a daily basis in order to work through my blocks and truly embrace my spiritual path.


Release: There comes many moment when I am called to let go of my attachments: core beliefs and patterns, but also identities, relationships, physical objects, commitments. Release is a cyclical stage that we must embrace to call in anything new.


Liminality: Being in an in-between place of not knowing can be incredibly uncomfortable, but from my experience, it is also the most magical! When I have fully embraced the liminal space, what grows out of that void space comes directly from my soul.


Purpose: This is where we embrace our truths, and combine them with our desire. I have grown to see that my purpose is always bigger than me, and yet completely unique to me. Our purposes serve us and serve the world at the same time.


Integration: And then, after so much discovery, activation and inner work, I need to take a step back, and let it all digest, coalesce and come together. Just because our conscious brains are resting, does not mean that our unconsciouses are taking a break.


Expression: This is the moment where I am ready to take action, and it arrives because I am inspired! I want to deliver my truths to the world, and make proactive decisions for the betterment of myself and my community. This is where change goes from the inside to the outside!


Wisdom: And then I find myself coming full circle. I realize that there is still room for me to grow, and more lessons for me to learn. I know I must always remain humble and curious in my spiritual journey. And this is the true meaning of wisdom, knowing we are constantly evolving.