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Tarot Meditations: Forest Walk


Tarot Meditations: Forest Walk

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Update: Listen to an audio recording of this meditation.


Before I do a tarot reading, I like to find a comfortable place to sit, close my eyes, take a deep breath and move my focus to my breathing. Once my head is cleared and I am relaxed, I give myself a guided meditation. Here is one of my favorites: a forest walk meditation to discover the opening to your unconscious through intuition.


You are deep in the woods, surrounded by trees. Light is sprinkling through a canopy of branches overhead, and a thick layer of leaves, sticks and needles crunch below your feet. The air is cool, still and moist. There is only a faint sound of wind rustling leaves far overhead. Notice what you smell. Listen to that wind. Feel the soft give of the moist soil beneath your feet. Notice: Are you wearing shoes? Are you warm or cold?


There is no trail where you are standing. You look around and realize you are standing in a waterless ravine. Large rocks and bushes block your way. To your left and right, stand two steep hills. You take a few steps towards the edge of the ravine, towards one of the hills. Now standing at the base of this hill you decide to climb it. Notice the tension and burn in your muscles as you take one careful step and then another and another up this steep, uneven hill. Imagine that you dig your hands into the dirt and grab onto the cool, soil covered rocks to maintain your balance and momentum. Imagine your feet slipping on spongy, fertile soil as you ascend.


And then you have arrived at the top and a path, straight and narrow through the trees lays before you. Notice the ground here: it is more firm and established. You begin to walk down the path. The forest is still and quiet. Pay attention to the sounds of your footsteps, breath in the fresh air and feel it wrap around your lungs. Take your time. Admire the trunks of the trees you pass. Are there birds here? What colors are standing out to you? What does the path look like before you?


Move your eyes to that path and trail through the trees before you, and then you notice a bright opening appearing in the distance. A clearing. What it is? Feel the sense of curiosity and wonder spark within you. You want to go towards it. Allow that feeling of desire to propel you forward. Keep walking. As you get closer and closer to the bright opening, it becomes larger, brighter, more intriguing. You are intent to find out what it is.