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You have a unique soul “footprint.”


You live in your body and walk this life for a reason.


You are ready to allow that divine purpose to bloom from within!

After the layers of false identities, past selves, and wounding beliefs fall away, what is left? Nothing other than the radiance of your beautiful soul!


A Soul Purpose Activation will illuminate the truth of who you are from the inside, creating a clear trajectory of the path you shall take this lifetime.


“How can words on some pretty pieces of paper be THAT powerful and life-altering?,” you may wonder. Rightfully so. This offering was a surprise for me, too, when I channeled it from my guides.


But, yes. It IS that powerful!

Your Soul is Calling for This

A Soul Purpose Activation is for all the beautiful beings that have embraced a healing path, are no longer running their lives based on the lies of the past, and are ready to begin living a spiritual life based on a greater foundation of truth and purpose.


You look in the mirror every day and you know you are not just the chatter in your mind, the emotions in your heart, and the experiences that have informed you. There is a bright source within you that is BIGGER, stronger, guiding you somewhere, showing you who you really are.


What if that mirror could illuminate this bright inner source with complete and utter clarity?


What if you could see, feel and know all the innate qualities of your soul?


This is how a Soul Purpose Activation will serve you. Although the words and images will be delivered to you from me, the truth will bloom and catch the light from within!

Sora Surya No
“I am currently in transition which means there are moments when I wonder if I am on an aligned path. Laying down my business and stepping into a new way of working takes so much faith and so I turned to Charlotte for some cosmic support. Charlotte Eléa saw me and weaved together the most enlightening Soul Purpose Activation. The most magical part of this entire experience was that as she was tapping into the field, I was experiencing all of these “signs.” If you desire to be propelled into your soul’s work at a speed that is like nothing you have experienced before, I recommend working with Charlotte. She is an exceptional healer, seer, space holder and transformational guide. Her compassion and willingness to hold your courageous spirit is divine. The investment is so worth it so go for it!”


Sora Surya No
Spiritual Womxn Leadership + Business Coach

Answers Your Soul Questions

Why am I here?


What difference can I make in the world?


What will give my life the greatest sense of meaning and fulfillment?

Your Soul Purpose Activation contains:

A Sacred Geometric Blueprint:


Your Soul Purpose Activation is an energetic transmission delivered through Sacred Geometry. It is translated into words, images and symbols, but you don’t just read it–you experience it. You don’t just receive it–you participate in it’s activation through the blueprint. You’ll receive detailed instructions to ground, personalize, ritualize and set the newly blooming wisdom in motion within your life.


Your Activation takes on the sacred geometry of a triangle, with three access points/pillars at each corner, and a fourth in the center. Ley lines run from the center point to each external point, as well as connect each external point to the other.

Sacred Geometry of Soul Purpose Activation

An Alchemical Reading of the Four Pillars of Wisdom:


Within your soul lives your core wound, your spiritual gift, your divine essence, and your purpose. As you receive the transmission, the words will begin activating and opening these four truths within you. Each of the four access points are pillars that make up your activation.


1. Core Wound: The wound you hold at the core of your human experience, the subsequent pain you experience from this wound, and the way you connect to humanity through the gift of compassion. This is what you are here on earth to heal for the greater collective.


2. Spiritual Gift: This is the gift you have been given through your soul that connects you to Source and that helps progress humanity forward. This gift is for you to use in order to help yourself heal, and others heal alike.


3. Divine Essence: This is the way you express yourself in this lifetime that brings you into the essence of you. It is the way that you live, relate and communicate that will spark the greatest experience of joy.


4. Soul’s Purpose: This is the greatest expression of your energy. The work you are here to do on this planet during this lifetime to heal yourself, heal your lineage, heal the planet and progress humanity and the earth forward.

An Integration Ceremony with me:


This intimate, 30-minute 1-to-1 ceremony with me will allow you to integrate and further illuminate your soul’s purpose. This is your opportunity to join me in sacred space as you dive deep, channel your own soul, ask questions, clear fear, confusion and doubt, and get more specific and deeper information about your Soul Purpose.

A colorful, printable and editable PDF document:


With full, personal, explanatory text, images of your cards and geometric layout, worksheets and graphics. Check out the preview below:

There’s no doubt about it—investing in this gift for yourself is life-changing!

“My Soul Purpose Activation is opening up parts of me that I didn’t realize were there, much less there and closed up tight. What Charlotte created for me is genius on some seriously incredible levels–deeper than anything I’d ever let myself even consider, and the connections I am now making are ones I wouldn’t have EVER put together on my own. And then here they are–making not surface sense, but the real kind: deep, challenging, felt, intuitive sense.


I am sensing that as I do this, really follow through with it, it will change my life. I’ve been in the habit of staying numb, anxiously or subconsciously silencing wounds that rear their ugly heads. But now I face a threshold: I couldn’t have stepped through it alone, but my Soul Purpose Activation is the wise mentor who is traversing that threshold with me. Deep breath. Here I go…”


Fay Ellwood
Professor of Literature and Theology

The Alchemical Process

Listen to me share the profound way in which I tap into your soul’s purpose. Plus, how this sacred offering came to be.


A Word of Warning!

If you think you are not yet complete because you don’t have a purpose…


If you are looking for someone to rescue you from a life you do not want…


Or if you would rather someone else tell you what to do…




Your Soul’s Purpose will not serve to rescue you. If you desire it to, I guarantee that the wisdom it holds will go right over your head.

Impeccably Guided 2019
Charlotte Eléa

This Is For You

You know you are ready for this powerful soul-illuminating tool if you have already accepted that:


  • You are enough just as you are now.
  • You are sovereign and responsible for your own life.
  • Your wounds and shadows make you whole.
Flora Ware
“I knew I wanted to work with Charlotte on a deeper level after meeting her in person. I was immediately drawn to her Soul Purpose Activation because it’s an area I have felt confused in. I sometimes feel so sure that I know my purpose, but not my essence, or I know my essence, but not my purpose, or do I?? This lack of clarity had led me to try a lot of different things, wear many different hats, and feel like I haven’t had a clear path to follow at times.


The PDF booklet Charlotte provided was incredible. I was blown away by the intuitive insights about me and the accuracy of it all. Her written guidance for the ritual was very helpful, and I was also able to customize and use my own intuition, which was deeply nourishing. I now make a point to meditate at my Soul Purpose Activation altar every day, and the insights continue to come through and become clearer! The sacred space Charlotte created on the 1:1 call was also wonderful to ground the wisdom from the Activation even more. Overall, it is a beautifully designed offering with many layers and points of access for healing and breakthroughs to occur.


If you are looking for more clarity on your Soul’s Purpose and want to get activated through ritual, altar work, meditation, and receiving the guidance of an expert intuitive, then I highly recommend the Soul Purpose Activation. It’s the kind of investment that will continue to give for months and even years to come.”


Flora Ware
Leadership Mentor & Sacred Business Coach

I am Charlotte Eléa

I’m a Guide for those who are ready to unleash their gifts and heal their core wounds. I am a Mentor for fellow Healers who are ready to transform their deepest wounds into their most profound gifts. And I am an Oracle: I channel your highest self to reveal your healing path and soul’s purpose. My gift is in seeing and knowing what you are ready to heal, and why your soul has chosen to live in your human body.


My background is in clinical psychology and the divinatory arts, including Tarot and dreamwork, which I have practiced for over 15 years. But my greatest teacher has been my soul. I have developed unique and creative approaches to self-healing, intuitive development and spiritual self-discovery through my own experiences of deep transformation and healing.

A Vivid Vision Casted From A Dream

As an Oracle, I have been gifted with not only the ability to read your soul’s footprint, but also the divine purpose to do so.


I used to believe that it wasn’t my place to share with others what their purpose was. I even wrote an article about it! I was afraid the information would overwhelm you, and that you would experience it as someone telling you what to do, dimming your own internal wisdom, intuition and divine judgment.


But then, one night I received a vivid message from my highest self in a dream: “Show people their souls’ purposes.”


Enter major ego humbling moment right here! “What? But I say I don’t do that!”


Although there was still a part of me in resistance, the greater part of me took off and ran with it. I got out of bed to retrieve my notebook, and the Sacred Geometry and all the core aspects of this gift poured out of me.


Your Soul Purpose Activation Will...

Illuminate your spiritual path this lifetime.


You’ll understand the path towards embracing your divine gifts, living through your essence and moving towards your purpose. You’ll have tools on healing and transforming your core wounds. Plus, you’ll connect the dots and see how all these different aspects work together.


Shift your focus towards what really matters and what fulfills you.


Your Activation will help you define what you really want to do in your career, business and/or sacred services and offerings. And you’ll begin making aligned choices based on who you really are, NOT who you were, who you “should” be, or who others want you to be.


Help you live your life based on a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment and spiritual connection.


This includes knowing and feeling with utter clarity, “This is who I am,” bringing a greater sense of peace, confirmation and trust towards all that you are called by your highest self and guides to do. Every mundane moment, every risky action, every tear and smile may begin to be filled with divine knowing.


Create a strong, full and stable foundation of self-worth and self-confidence.


You’ll know, rely upon and trust in the importance of your truths, gifts and essence to guide you forward every day. This firm foundation will lead you through moments of fear, doubt, overwhelm and heartbreak with grace.

red roses and emerald
pink roses and quartz
“I had been in the habit of saying to myself, “I’m so different, will anyone ever love me for who I am?” I had constant self-doubt about my worthiness as a healer: “Will I ever be trained enough? How many more classes will I need to take?” My Soul Purpose Activation immediately woke up something, a bright spark deep inside. Suddenly, I could see to the very bottom of me. Where before the waters were murky and seemed cursed, now I saw an elevated, gifted and whole me!


My Soul Purpose Activation put into words what I could never do myself. I connected the dots from experiences I have had my whole life that were leading me to the truths, the words and metaphors that live on the pages, but also are now living as energy inside me. It is so much easier now to navigate the self-doubts and fears. I feel a sense of peace, silent confidence and empowerment. I recommend this to anyone who desires the gift of true liberation.”


Anna Bazarnaya
Emotional Healer and Founder of Maitri Verde

How your Soul Purpose Activation takes place

You don’t need to be present with me while I create your soul purpose activation! I conduct a private deep channeling session of your highest self to receive the wisdom, use Tarot cards and Sacred Geometry to guide me, and then put everything together in a beautiful PDF document for you. This sacred transmission takes about four hours.


You’ll receive 1) a deep Alchemical Reading of your Four Pillars, 2) detailed instructions + the blueprint to conduct the Activating Ritual on your own time, and 3) a secret link to sign up for your Integration Ceremony.

Register Now

Ready to Bloom: Soul Purpose Activation

Your Investment:



or 3 monthly payments of $250


I am thrilled that you are considering investing in this deep, abiding and sacred gift for yourself! Here are answers to several questions you may have.

What do I get with my purchase?

Your Activation will be emailed to you in a rich PDF document including an in-depth personal transmission of all four pillars, a sacred geometric image of your activating Tarot cards, detailed instructions, a printable full-color Sacred Geometric Blueprint, and an editable worksheet.


The content of your Activation will be full and complex, and reading it will be an alchemical experience, meaning the wisdom it contains will begin to open, react and take hold within you. You may even begin to receive the Activation through intuitive nudges, signs and sensations when I am channeling for you! I recommend you set aside sacred space when you read it the first time, and then come back to it a few more times before moving on to creating your energetic table and performing the activating ritual.


On the final page of your PDF activation, you’ll receive a link to schedule your 30-minute Integration session with me, which you may do at any time after you receive your Activation.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll immediately receive a confirmation of your order from my online system. I will respond personally very soon (within 24 hours, Monday – Friday), and will send you a questionnaire for you to complete and send back to me. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will let you know the date I’ll channel your Activation, and when you can expect to receive your Soul Purpose Activation.


I’ll also give you a heads up when I am about to go into sacred space to receive and create your Activation, so that you may choose to tune into the energies coming through on your own. You may immediately get signs, signals, clarity or feel emotions and physical sensations. But, you don’t have to intentionally tune in! You’ll receive the activation regardless.

When can I expect to receive my Activation?

The sooner you return your completed questionnaire, the sooner I can schedule your Activation. Each activation requires several hours of deep channeling, writing, and preparation.


You can expect to receive your Activation as early as one week, or as late as one month or more, depending on my availability. If I will need to schedule your Activation more than a month out, I will let you know immediately.

How do I work with my Soul Purpose Activation?

To get the most out of your Activation, I recommend you complete all three parts. Your Activation is not just a reading, and not just a transmission from me to you, but an alchemical process that personally engages and changes you emotionally, physically and energetically. Therefore, you must play an active, not passive, role in this process.


You may feel tempted to simply complete part 1 and skip the ritual and session. Know that these steps are vital to fully integrating and activating the wisdom your soul is offering you.


After you complete all three parts of your Activation, come back to the text, your intentions and your energetic table often to remain grounded in your greater truth and purpose. This Activation will continue to serve you for many years to come.

How do you create my Soul Purpose Activation?

My process begins by clearing the energy of my work space and deck through smudging, and then creating the sacred space by calling in my highest self, guides, and mama earth, speaking my intention, and dropping in. I then call in your soul to join me and begin to receive immediately messages and hits.


I write these down and move to shuffling and drawing two Tarot cards each for all four pillars, laying them down in the sacred geometric triangle. Energy and information then begins to flow through at a steady pace. I listen, allow and write until all four pillars are complete. If more information is needed, I will ask and may draw an additional card from an oracle deck.


I then capture a photo of your activation, and begin the process of translating all the raw details and information into an easy to read, follow and digest document for you.

What systems of divination do you use?

I use a variety of “helpers” to channel the wisdom of your Activation, including Tarot – specifically, The Mary-El Tarot deck – numerology, colors, the four elements, and energy centers in the body.


Animal guides, earth guides, deities, angels, and other spirit helpers also often come through to offer additional support and guidance.

What makes you qualified?

I have been using systems of divination and doing in-depth deep emotional healing work with clients and on myself for over 15 years. I formally studied and practiced clinical psychology in my 20s, and discovered a unique ability of taking my clients deep into unconscious realms. Afterwards, I switched to a more fluid, intuitive approach to coaching, deep healing and life-transformation work.


Several years ago I had a spiritual awakening and devoted myself to discovering my true path and what I was really called here on earth to do. Little did I know that this journey would take me through many profound transformations and great awakenings of my soul–so much so that I realized that the transformations and awakenings weren’t going to stop. Being an agent of transformation was my true path.


I mastered my craft of Tarot and offered hundreds of readings. I studied under several coaches and spiritual mentors to strengthen my spiritual connection and practice/refine my gifts of psychic channeling. But what stood out the most was the profound transformations my clients experienced, just as I had, simply by receiving my energetic potency.


The Soul Purpose Activation is the apex of my work, gifts, and medicine. I am dedicated to constant spiritual grown and awakening. As this energy runs through me, so it shall be transmitted to you.

What if I can’t afford it?

Your Soul Purpose Activation is a life-changing gift to yourself that will immediately shift your energy, open you to your true path, and continue to guide you with wisdom and serve you with truth for many years to come. Therefore, the level of sacred investment aligns with the commitment needed from me and you to enter into this beautiful exchange.


If the financial commitment feels steep, place a hand on your heart and take a deep breath–ask yourself, “What is this sacred awakening worth to me?” Then listen.


Often times are minds/egos don’t want to pay the dollar amount that our hearts know we are ready to make. There’s a gap.


That’s okay. Utilize the payment plan I offer above to make it easier on cash flow. Or, simply give it some time: Set an intention to purchase this at a specific date in the future, and begin saving a little bit every month until you are ready to make the investment.

What if I only want the PDF and not the 1-to-1 session?

The package includes both, and no modifications are permitted. It’s up to you whether you choose to utilize the session or not. I highly recommend that you do so.

Can't I discover my Soul's Purpose on my own?

Yes. We all have access to the divine wisdom of our souls, and have different ways of tapping into that wisdom. If your soul speaks truth to you, I encourage you to listen and follow.


And also, I carry the medicine of transformation in my energetic potency. My life is a “walking activation.” I continue to peel away layers to reach deeper and deeper truths of my soul. Through a Soul Purpose Activation, I deliver that medicine to you.


We are communal beings meant to transform in relationship with others. Meaning, there is a very sacred process that occurs when the truths that live at the depth of your soul are revealed by me on the outside. Suddenly, they take on a life force and begin to take up energetic space within your body. Like light switches being flicked on. So, yes, you are infinitely wise! And also, you may need another to help bring that wisdom to the surface to be integrated, translated and activated (i.e. set in motion).


I have been gifted with the ability and purpose to receive, translate and trasmit these deep truths for others like you.


An Insider's Look

Watch the MASTERCLASS, What’s My Calling? Unlocking the 4 Pillars of Wisdom within My Soul. And get an in-depth look at each of the four pillars, plus real client examples and stories of the transformations that are taking place.

Watch Now