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Revered Court Cards Remind You to Own Your Shit

Reversed Court Cards in the Tarot

Revered Court Cards Remind You to Own Your Shit

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Whether reading Tarot for yourself or getting a professional reading, the court cards represent personality aspects of you and people in your life.


If you’ve had a few readings done or been reading for a while, you’ll start to recognize that the same court cards appear frequently to represent you and those close to you. This card becomes a sort of identifier, and a way for you to see yourself immediately when doing a spread.


But what does it mean when those identifier cards, or any court card, turns up reversed?


Court cards reversed indicate someone who is out of touch with the impact they have on others. They are unaware of their own behavior. When your identifier card appears reversed in a reading, it is a call for self-awareness. “Wake up!” the card could be saying, “You are causing more harm than you intend.”


Here’s a few ways that court cards reversed play out:


Queen of Cups Rx: An emotional tornado. A person who is unable to control her (or his) emotions and thus, tries to manipulate others into meeting her needs in order to calm herself down. It doesn’t work—she creates a toxic environment everywhere she goes, and makes empaths feel as if they themselves are going crazy.


Knight of Swords Rx: A mean and reckless force. A person who is going to get what he (or she) wants by any way necessary, no matter how many people he has to stomp on to get there. Because corporate culture is so competitive, unfortunately this type of grandiose and bullying behavior is sometimes encouraged.


King of Wands Rx: A power hungry and controlling dictator. A person in leadership who only cares about his (or her) own agenda, and maintaining his own power. This person has lost connection to reality and those that look up to him. The visions he creates of himself and the future are based in pure fantasy.


Page of Pentacles Rx: An entitled child. A person who acts immature and helpless in order to get her (or his) needs met, and expects others to take care of her through physical or financial means. This person takes advantage of the generosity of others, and doesn’t feel any need to reciprocate.


All of the court cards have positive and neutral qualities at the forefront, but can turn destructive when those qualities are not kept in balance and are used for selfish intentions and towards narcissistic means.


We all have our shit. It’s not our baggage that makes us crazy; it’s refusing to own and take responsibility for it.


The first step is self-awareness: Like knowing when your emotional nature can tip from expressive to manipulative. Or when your ambitious drive can tip from goal-oriented to aggressive. Or when your passionate personality can tip from charismatic to exhausting.


And then check in with yourself, take a step back, and consider what tipped the scales. What is your Achilles heel? And what can you do to transform a negative impulse into a positive moment of growth?