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October 2017 Forecast

Charlotte Eléa October 2017 Forecast

October 2017 Forecast

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How will you create the world you want to live in? That is the question we are being asked to answer this month, as issues around pleasure, plenitude and security take paramount, and as we are asked to take initiative to communicate our truth, experience, and passion.


We are creating form out of what was recently formless — all that raw emotion, and chaotic energy that we unearthed from deep within us during eclipse season is now finding voice, place and purpose. We are discovering meaning to it, and delivering it as knowledge, a gift to the world. This is how you clear and release. What once lived inside, now has form outside, and no longer belongs to you.


With Tarot cards King of Pentacles, Five of Cups and Judgment (from the Mary-El Tarot). And oracle cards Knowledge (from Sacred Symbols) and Scorpion (from the Wild Unknown.) Sign up for the Guide here.