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My 2018 Sacred Intention (and Word of the Year)

My 2018 sacred intention Charlotte Eléa

My 2018 Sacred Intention (and Word of the Year)

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Last year, my sacred intention was all about embracing my vulnerability and authentic voice. And through that process, my guide (who was my inner child) gifted me with a wonderful community, and at long last, a new home with a sacred work space I LOVE.


My word for the year was AUTHENTICITY. And that definitely played out for me big time throughout the whole year. But looking back, I now know that another theme word was TRUST. Because with each passing month, I was asked to trust and surrender, deeper, more radically than ever before!


Last year took me on a wild ride and sometimes I could barely see the next steps in front of me. But I kept trusting, kept surrendering, even when shit hit the fan. And because of that, I know myself to be happier, stronger, and more confident in my inner guidance system and this wonderful world to hold me than ever before.


So, this year… I am ready to begin calling-in BIG TIME. No more playing small. I desire a deep sense of stability and abundance in my life that I have never had. I want my business to be able to support my family. I want to travel. I want to bring in tons more beautiful, inspiring people into my life. I want to inspire others like never before.


To get there, I am feeling called to override my self care routine. And the theme word that is coming to me over and over again is STRENGTH.


I am ready to confront my fear that there aren’t enough hours in the day, and that I don’t have enough energy to do everything I desire. I am being called to give back to my body, create it into a fortress of stability, stamina and resiliency!


I am ready to overcome and confront any obstacle that comes my way. Rather than running away in fear, hiding out when things get rough, I am feeling called to come to the front lines. I know that the more radically I show up for myself as a sovereign queen of my own life, the more my clients will be able to show up, too.


I am ready to take that radical trust I have learned into the base of my spine and soles of my feet. Trust that every “mistake” or “misturn” I make or have made was actually the right move.


I am ready to live every day with authenticity. And through that process, call in more happiness, more calm, more love, more contentment.


I am ready to speak up for my beliefs, my values, my feelings, my opinions, even when others don’t agree—even when you don’t agree—because we are creating a new paradigm where all our truths matter and need to be heard.


I am ready to surrender to my spirit guides and this universe to take me deep into other dimensions, through portals to other worlds. I am ready to expand my powers of psychic knowing and healing, and build upon my strength to be a channel of divine wisdom and truth.


I am ready to allow my body and mind to be of service in any way it is needed to help heal this world.


I am in the year of Judgment, and thus, I know that this year is really going to be about living my soul’s purpose. My guide is a great white bird who lives among the cliffs, boulders and caverns of the high mountains.


Here’s my Sacred Intention for 2018:
I will achieve security for my family by taking care of my body and strengthening my physical health. I have all the time in the universe and expansive energy to create the deeply rooted growth upon the strong foundation that I need.


Now that I have shared it, there’s no turning back! I’d love for you to share yours, too. What about you? What resonates with you? What are you calling in this year? How are you being asked to show up and breakthrough?


I’d love to know if you’d like to write me at charlotte@bigbeautifulbreakthrough.com and share.


I am also ready to help you breakthrough the obstacles that are in the way of you achieving your dreams! I am ready to help you call in exactly what your soul desires! I am ready to help you journey deep, deep within yourself to know your truths! I am ready to help you trust yourself!


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