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March 2018 Forecast: Multiplicity of the Self

March 2018 Forecast: Multiplicity of the Self

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Welcome to your March 2018 forecast! This month you can expect to discover how dynamic you truly are, and how these dynamics are crucial to your process of growth and transformation.


We can expect to activate three different powerful personality aspects within ourselves in order to awaken our capacity for love, connection and belonging, and discover and embody that experience in the present moment of our lives.


We are being invited to make our desires a reality, and witness the power within ourselves to make it so!


We engage with three levels of desire: Desire for acceptance and forgiveness, desire for wholeness and independence, and desire to impact and be impacted by others. And we need these three different parts of ourselves in order to transform the shadow experiences of “never enough,” “not now” and “only when,” which keep us in an experience of lack.


After opening the impenetrable place of lack within ourselves, we invite our external worlds to mirror what we desire, so that we may run towards it and recreate that experience within our inner realities.


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