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June Growth Forecast: Heartbroken to Heart-opened

June Growth Forecast: Heartbroken to Heart-opened

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Note: I created this video in the *playground* of Facebook live! This is the replay.


Get ready to bust through those stuck and hurting places with renewed creative potency! Welcome to the playground of creative possibility where new solutions are coming to life. This month we will be inviting a nagging problem to come forward so that we may discover a whole new level of genius, artistry and finesse, and so that we may know that our creativity and intuitions have no bounds.


No more playing by the old rules! Let’s let ourselves lose!


  • I walk us through how to create the 3 key components of our playgrounds: Safety, Challenge and Fun.
  • I pose 3 powerful challenge questions that will uncover how you might be currently sabotaging yourself.
  • I offer several examples so that you can feel into the challenge you are ready to break through this month.
  • And I give tons of prompts that will inspire your own manifestations of safety, challenge and fun to take form, which will unleash your full creative power.


Four Tarot cards from the Mary-El guide the way: 3 of Swords, 4 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles and 3 of Wands.


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