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July 10-17, 2017: Separating Thought from Emotion

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July 10-17, 2017: Separating Thought from Emotion

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The Tower, 2 of Swords Rx and the Chariot. We are approaching ourselves slowly and softly this week as we gracefully put an end to some deep internal beliefs, and keep our mind and emotions separate in order to continue our course.


This weekend was intense: Many of us were flooded with painful childhood memories, others activating old wounds. We were coming face to face with some of our deepest barriers to growth. Those barriers we are the most attached to, tied up in beliefs that precariously uphold our identity and self-esteem.


We are on the cusp of a great big release. The Tower ushers in to help us separate out what we keep from these visits from the past, and what we burn away. We can allow these experiences and emotions to be a part of us, and actually create a place of love and acceptance within us without allowing them to define us. In fact, the point of all of this is to understand at a deep molecular level how the past drags us down, and how the beliefs we once formed from a wounded place around what we need/get/expect/give in relation to the world keeps us suffering. And so our only choice is to let them go.


And while we do this we must honor our minds tendency to protect the old ways, and jump back into old patterns. The two of swords Rx asks us to be extra mindful this week. Our emotions are tender and require a great deal of softness, care and compassion. This is the only way to sooth an aching ego, and an inner child left without her core defenses. We must honor our emotions while keeping them as such: just emotions, and detaching them from a narrative. It is an uncomfortable place, and a place of paradox. And this is where inner peace is sown.


We are preparing ourselves for a smoother journey. What comes to mind, with the Chariot this week, is that we have all been hanging out at a glorious rest stop. Our wheels had been getting shaky, cab weighed with too much stuff, direction unclear. So we stopped to make repairs, refuel and rest at a delicious spa for the mind.


When we are ready later this week–and we will know it when the time comes–we will step back into the vehicles that are our egos, now much more light and eager, and continue the course we have already begun.


(Cards in image above are from the Mary-El Tarot.)