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January 2018 Forecast (plus yearly themes)

January 2018 Forecast (plus yearly themes)

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This month we are being gifted with wings, fire and a whole lot of raw ingredients! And we are being asked, “what would you like to create?” The power and initiative is in each of our own hands. We are shifting away from the receptive mode of the past two months into a more active stance. Now is the moment to pick a focus for our energy through small daily inspired actions and choices. We are feeling our way forward, rather than thinking. We are moving ahead slowly one step at a time, rather than jumping ahead and coming to hasty conclusions.


This year—the year of 11 and the Justice card of the Tarot, and the year of 2—is all about taking action, even when we have not been gifted with certainty. We are being asked to step bravely into the unknown, tolerate differences and confusion, and become more vulnerable, honest and intimate in our relationships.


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