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Intuitive Writing and Tarot: Getting into the “Flow”

Intuitive Writing and Tarot Reading

Intuitive Writing and Tarot: Getting into the “Flow”

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During a Tarot reading with a client, I go into what I call an “intuitive flow.” I am consciously taking in everything that my client and I are saying and actively formulating thoughts into sentences. But my thoughts aren’t forced nor are they logical—I gaze at the cards before me until they begin to speak to me, and then I just start talking.


Recently I got to a point where I am so at ease with this intuitive process that I’ve been able to bring in another part of myself that is watching it all take place, as if from a perch on my shoulder.


Here’s what the me on my shoulder noticed: Words act as keys that unlock the reading to a deeper dimension for my client.


Not all words, of course. Specific, powerful words. For one client it was “emptiness,” for another it was “intrusion,” and for another it was, “contradiction.” These words when spoken activated within my clients hidden realms of experience that were waiting to integrated and honored.


These words will pop into my mind while I am in the intuitive flow. I like to picture it as an opening of my crown chakra to a higher form of knowing. The more heavily I get into the flow, the wider the gates open. So without going into the flow, there would have been no opportunity for the words to arrive.


I’m not psychic in the sense of being able to see specific faces, names and places within my minds eye—and most of us aren’t. That is an extraordinary ability. But we are all intuitive to a certain degree, and can strengthen our intuition by practicing the flow.


Talking your way through a Tarot reading with another is an excellent way of getting into the intuitive flow. But so is writing—and writing can be done privately.


Intuitive Writing


Intuitive Writing does away with the idea of pre-created and pre-determined thoughts. It is a process of discovery through the act of writing itself. If you’ve ever read a novel by Toni Morrison, you are familiar with her Stream of Consciousness style. Her characters tell their stories through the stream of thoughts that flow through them like water, without regards to where the story leads and even where a sentence ends.


When you trust the flow of words that move through your pen (more on Trust here), a similar process is at work. During my workshops, I pass out Intuitive Writing prompts to help my students get into this flow. The first prompt is always this:


Describe the scene depicted on the card. What do you see happening? Who are the characters? Where are they and what are they doing?


To activate the flow, we begin only with what we see. And then, naturally, your mind and heart will begin to make associations. You may relate the imagery to what you are feeling now, to events in the past or present, or to specific goals, fantasies and desires. This is you getting into the intuitive flow.


And then new layers of curiosity will begin to sneak into your immediate view and onto the page before you. You may find yourself wondering why—why this, why now, why go there? You may feel layers of resistance emerge, and you write through that resistance, too. You give language to the doubts, fears and opposition to what you are discovering because every piece is part of the intuitive process.


The point is to write it ALL down and not stop yourself. To not think, “this thought isn’t important.” It is all important. And it all leads somewhere. You don’t know where yet, and that is precisely the point of the discovery process.


After the resistance works its way through your pen, your intention returns and with it a deeper level of personal connection. This is when things begin to click. This is when a key announces itself in your mind, and you write it down without self-doubt, and the act of seeing this powerful word on the page before you opens you to a new realm of understanding and realization.


But you don’t stop there—you keep writing until there are no more words. Until you have emptied all that has manifested within you onto the page before you. And then you rest, honor yourself and the magic that you just created.


This is the power of the Tarot when you give into the Intuitive Flow. This is the experience that you may create for yourself when you are truly ready to receive.


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