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Intuitive Tarot Reading Relies on Trust


Intuitive Tarot Reading Relies on Trust

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Last week I posted about tossing the booklets the come with your Tarot decks and beginning each reading with your intuition (read it here).


I know this is harder said than done. Not because accessing your intuition is difficult, and not because the imagery and symbolism of a card is tricky to translate. Only because it can be so so hard to trust the process.


Trusting in yourself and only yourself to read Tarot without any external resources can feel at first like an outlandish endeavor. You may be asking yourself: How can I, a Tarot-newbie, know how to make use of the cards?


Here’s how:


Consider Tarot as an Intuitive Tool—a way for you to access the wisdom of your unconscious. Everything you need to know is painted on the card. And so, as strange as it may seem, you don’t need any external information to read Tarot. You only need an open mind.


Sure, books can help. But without trust in the intuitive process, books won’t get you anywhere.


When you draw a card, here are a few signs that your trust in the intuitive process has faltered. You may find yourself thinking:


This card makes no sense to me.
This card isn’t relevant to my life at all.
This card is so depressing.
This card is pure fantasy.
This card is boring.
This card is overwhelming.


These are the moments when it is time to slow the process way down. Get out a notebook, and begin describing the scene in writing. Begin with one detail at a time, and allow your imagination and intuition to tell you what that detail means to you, reminds you of or makes you think about.


You may continue to hear a voice that tells you that your interpretation is wrong. Because how could it be that easy?


It is that easy. Your initial thoughts and reflections are almost always the right ones.


It is all a process of trust: trust in yourself AND trust in the cards. Yes, you were meant to receive that card. No, you did not make a mistake while shuffling and you shouldn’t draw again. Yes, with patience the card’s message will be revealed to you.


Want to develop your intuitive Tarot reading chops? Head on over to my Courses and Workshops pages.