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How to get the Most out of Your Tarot Reading

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How to get the Most out of Your Tarot Reading

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase your first tarot reading. First of all, congratulations! If you’ve never had your cards read before, or if you’ve only had them read by one of those “fortune tellers” who purport to tell you your destiny and then ask you to pay $500 to remove a curse, then you will likely be pleasantly surprised by the experience. You’ll learn things about yourself, you’ll be reminded of important things forgotten, and you’ll be left with a welcoming feeling of clarity, assurance and optimism about your next steps.


The more times you get your cards read, the better you’ll understand the process and know what you can expect to get out of each session. But, why wait? Here are 5 suggestions to follow, so that you’ll get the most out of your tarot session every time.


1. ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. Before your session, think about a few specific questions you want answered or issues resolved. (Examples: “Should I leave my current job and take X opportunity? How can my boyfriend and I resolve X problem?”) The more specific you get, the more accurate the reading will be for you. All tarot readers are happy to do general readings, but you’ll leave feeling more satisfied with a more in-depth focus. If your question gets too specific for your reader (e.g. What’s the name of my future husband?), your tarot reader will tell you and ask you to rephrase the question.


2. OPEN UP. The more you disclose about the issues and events surrounding your question and why you are asking it, the better your reader will be able to give you an accurate reading. Tarot readers are intuitive, insightful, empathic, and sometimes a bit psychic, but we aren’t mind readers (and don’t trust those that tell you they are!). If privacy issues concern you, don’t get a reading at a faire or public place. Plenty of tarot readers (myself included) give readings over Skype or email so you won’t even have to leave your home.


3. TAKE PICTURES OR VIDEO. If your tarot reader offers to take photos of the spreads for you or to send you a recording of the session (if it’s a video session), take them up on it. You’ll be trying to absorb so much in that 30 to 60 minute session that it’s inevitable that you won’t remember everything. If your reader doesn’t offer, ask them. Most readers will be happy to oblige.


4. ASK FOR CLARIFICATIONS. Your tarot reading should be a conversation between you and your reader. So don’t be shy about interjecting a question or a plea for clarification as your reading progresses. If you want more of an explanation, are feeling confused about a certain card and interpretation, or want your reader to go deeper on a specific issue, tell them. Your reader will be glad that you are invested and paying so much attention, and will be happy to expand.


5. GIVE FEEDBACK. At the end of your session, tell your reader how it went for you. Tell them what felt right, what was helpful, and anything that perhaps didn’t feel relevant. Not only will this help your reader and give them insightful information if you were to have another reading with them, it will also help YOU gain clarity on your biggest takeaways from the reading.