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How Tarot Can Help Your Love Life


How Tarot Can Help Your Love Life

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When it comes to love, sometimes no other area in your life feels more unpredictable. So if you’re single, in a new relationship or are experiencing a rocky period in your formerly stable situation, the first question you will most likely ask your tarot reader is going to be about your love life. You’ll want to know, are you looking in the right places? Is he or she right for me? Will we work through our problems?


Tarot readings can help you feel more empowered in your relationships. If you have been holding onto the idea that it is all up to fate, tarot readings will completely squash that myth and put you back in the drivers seat. Here are the most surprising and helpful pieces of wisdom the tarot may reveal to you about your relationships:


  • Hidden or unconscious issues and motives
  • Unhealthy and unproductive patterns and behaviors
  • Approaches that are working and not working
  • Alternate options not yet explored or discovered
  • Fears and desires
  • What’s motivating you and holding you back
  • Areas in need of healing, reevaluation and resolution
  • Options and pathways closed and open to you


Tarot readings are excellent tools for answering open-ended love questions. The basic rule of thumb for me is, if you have the power to change the outcome, then the outcome can be predicted through tarot. The following are three examples of questions that I would not be able to answer as a tarot reader, plus those questions rephrased into more empowering questions that will help you be in control of your love life:


1. When am I going to meet the person I’m going to marry?


The problem with this question is that it assumes you do not play a role in determining when you will meet this person, and that you are going about the process in the optimal way, which is often not the case. Many factors contribute to you finding Mr. or Ms. Right, including the qualities you’re looking for, where and how you are looking, and hidden factors having to do with past heart breaks, motivation and desires.


The following rephrase leaves the answer completely open-ended to discovering what you are doing right, and what you need to change and explore further.


Rephrased: What do I need to know about my current approach to dating, and what do I need to change to optimize the chances of finding someone right for me?


2. What does he (or she) think of me? Does he (she) love me?


Everyone feels insecure at the beginning of a relationship, but these questions don’t actually address your insecurity—they leave you completely out of the equation and powerless to the answer the cards reveal. As my client, I focus your reading on you. And, unfortunately, I cannot read your lover’s mind.


So instead of asking about his or her feelings and intentions, the following inquires about the relationship in general. The answer then remains open-ended and may reveal unhealthy relationship patterns that you are unknowingly repeating, signs that he (or she) may or may not be right for you, and obstacles that you’ll need to work through in the days ahead.


Rephrased: What do I need to know about this new relationship? Where are we headed?


3. How can I make him (or her) change his (or her) mind?


Similar variations of this question include “Will he (or she) get back together with me?” and “Is he (or she) going to break up with me?” The outcomes all rely on the other person’s motivation and desire—the other person who is not you and not my client. And, let’s face it, you can’t make anyone do anything.


But you can do your part and meet the person halfway, and you can learn more about the complex relationship dynamics at play between the two of you that is contributing to your relational malfunctions. Also, if your partner is willing, you can have him or her be a part of the reading, which will reveal much more about both sides of the coin.


Rephrased: What is at the root of our issues? What can I do to help us work through our problems? How can we mend our relationship?


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