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Soul Sight Healing


Hello, Beautiful Soul. I reunite you with your true self, essence, inner child, and spiritual guides.


A healing session with me will help you transform the questions, stuck energy or pain you are experiencing into profound insight, change, and love.


I channel psychic messages that indicate what your soul desires for you to heal, receive or experience. You’ll journey deep within and reconnect with lost aspects of yourself to receive the guidance you need.

What is Soul Sight?


Soul Sight is an innovative energy healing method that clears limiting and wounding beliefs, and connects you to the visions, voice and guidance of your soul and highest self.


What to expect from a Soul Sight session:


  • Get to the root/origin of a core wound to transmute and transform it
  • Clear limiting soul contracts from the akashic records
  • Energetically reunite with passed loved ones
  • Discover support from spiritual guides
  • Activate your own healing and psychic abilities
  • Learn how to hear the voice of your soul / highest self
  • Alchemize grief and emotion into love
  • Unlock wisdom hiding within your wounds
  • Uncover hidden gifts and wisdom
  • Awaken to what you really need and desire (not what your ego believes you need and desire)

How it Works


We’ll meet in a virtual face-to-face session via Zoom for 75 minutes.


1. Opening Space: We’ll ground into Mama Earth together, you’ll share with me what is in your heart, and I’ll use my intuitive and clairvoyant gifts to feel into what is energetically present.


2. Soul Sight Activation: We’ll journey together into energetic realms and go directly to the places that desire healing, opening, or integration. We’ll engage, receive, or clear what is needed.


3. New Path Creation: You’ll integrate what you have learned and experienced, and create a way forward to continue the healing post-session.

Book Your Session

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What Previous Clients Have Said…

"Charlotte is a truly gifted guide! My session with her went above and beyond what I expected! She intuitively tapped into a belief about myself that I subconsciously tucked away. She connected the dots in a way that allowed me to view it with a fresh pair of eyes and heart so it could be resolved. I appreciate her approach and ability to connect so warmly. I highly recommend working with her! I am so grateful and still amazed at my time with her."

Mia Davis

"Charlotte held a loving and safe space to explore my long term blocks. My session was deep and transformative, as she guided me in finding the root to my struggle and bringing it into the light. Charlotte helped me see what I could not and gently and firmly guided me through the journey. It has been an incredibly powerful, beautiful and life changing experience working with Charlotte."

Ruth Humphreys

"I began working with Charlotte at a time when I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and in a place of transition. Charlotte held a beautiful space for me to feel supported, where I could fully express without judgement on a foundation of constructive advice. Charlotte was able to intuitively and expertly pick out the things from my psyche which were wanting to be addressed and integrated, to allow me the clarity to move forward. I felt so much lighter after my session, like I was reinvigorated with a fresh sense of myself and what I needed to nourish myself with at this time. Charlotte's ability to really see, hear, and hold you in an authentic, loving space is in itself a healing experience! I can't recommend her skills and wisdom enough for anyone that wants to deep dive into their healing and transformation."

Samantha Mant

"I came to Charlotte feeling very confused about a recent personal experience and unsure of how to work through and manage what was happening emotionally. During the session, she was honest, direct and spoke to me in a compassionate way. She provided clarity and a way to work with what was coming up for me. She has a background in psychotherapy and this really came through in her style -- she combined her intuitive gifts and her psychological understanding of my issue to help me work through my current dilemma. I feel very grateful for her insight."

Chris L., Licensed Psychologist