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You Are a Gifted Healer.


Transform your deepest wounds into

your most profound healing gifts!

Does it break your heart to see what is happening in our world?

Do you feel called towards greater purpose, service and impact?

Are you feeling blocked by fear, shame, and wounds of unworthiness and invisibility?

Hello, I am Charlotte Eléa. I see and appreciate the gifts that may leave you feeling as if no one understands or appreciates you: You are sensitive, you are emotional, sometimes you receive intuitive messages seemingly out of the blue.


I know that often it may feel as if you are standing alone on top of a mountain. It may feel as if you are going to be scarred and held back by your childhood wounds your entire life.


You may even sometimes feel afraid of your gifts, because you do not fully understand or trust them yet. Sometimes your healing gifts may even seem as if they betray you, leave you feeling vulnerable, exhausted or used by others.


I felt and used to believe this for a very long time. I didn’t understand how I would ever fit in. As an intuitive Empath, no one seemed to “get” me, which just left me feeling scared and alone. As if I was destined to be a total misfit and left out in the cold.


But I also wanted to be of service. I wanted to be a healing, positive presence for this hurting world.


This was the sacred call of my soul…


A deep knowing that my gifts were needed, and that there were others out there like me. And THAT was my motivation to heal myself!

As I embraced my path as a healer, I learned that each of us have unique gifts to share with the world. And so many of us healers are hiding our gifts, standing alone on top of our mountains, like lone wolves.


I realized it was time for us to find one other by, first and foremost, healing ourselves.

You can, too. This is my sacred call to you to awaken to your healer gifts, full presence and purpose!


I know that there is a desire building inside of you to make a real difference in this world.


There is a knowing that whispers to you that you are powerful, and that you have a purpose that is so much greater than the wounds that have held you back.


I also know that you want to set yourself free!  You want to be the real you! Not some caged, edited version of you.

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The wonderful news is that ALL OF THIS IS CONNECTED. By healing the core wounds that have held you back and left you feeling small and ashamed of who you are, you will nurture your most powerful, healing gifts. You’ll unlock a unique medicine that belongs to only you!


The truth is that you do have a divine soul’s purpose. There is work to be done in this world and you have been called to be of service in a way that only you can fulfill. Which is why no other pre-made path has fit you.


Your Purpose brings you to a place of utter joy, connection and fulfillment. And you are ready to activate it!


What if you were to become an unstoppable healing force for this world? What if your presence alone had the power to heal others?


This is what happens when you say YES to healing your core wounds, living by your essence, utilizing your gifts and activating your purpose in the Hear Our Call Mentorship.


Mastering Your Healing Cycles:


All healers move through Healing Cycles, where upon our core wounds and shadows become triggered so that we may integrate them and receive their wisdom.


In this Mentorship, you will learn how to master your movement through these healing cycles, so that the process is joyful and graceful, and completes each time in a profound breakthrough.


Mastering this process is crucial to walking the path as a gifted healer—once you do so, your growth, wisdom, quality of life and capabilities will expand and heighten far beyond your expectations!


Transforming Your Relationship to YOU:


This 13-week mentorship experience will transform your relationship to yourself, to spirit, and to your healing gifts so that you may fully receive from them.


Your gifts shall feed, nurture and strengthen you to the point where you will feel ready to open them fully with love, joy and trust to others.


As a healer, your deepest wounds actually contain the keys to your most profound gifts. And thus, this is what you shall explore with me, your fellow healer-mentees, and your team of spiritual helpers, supporting you every step of the way.


As you learn to nurture and receive from your healing gifts in this mentorship program, you shall open yourself to deeply profound insights and truths: About who you really are. About your soul’s purpose.

Sarah Janicki
“Charlotte’s loving demeanor, openness and presence put me at ease to intimately share my deepest wounds in a way that transformed a lifetime of daunting emotions into a sacred space for healing.


I was honestly surprised by how fast I grew in many facets of my life – spiritually, mentally, and emotionally – over a span of just 13 weeks. I am walking away with TRUE confidence, a deep reverence for myself, and awareness of my worthiness. The emotional healing and the wisdom I gained assure me that I have everything I need moving forward to continuously heal myself and move in the direction and manifestation of my soul’s purpose.


If you are longing for a trustworthy mentor who deeply invests and supports your growth in an intimate space while allowing you the individual freedom to experience and discover yourself, the Hear Our Call mentorship will bring you that beautiful breakthrough you are seeking.”


Sarah Janicki
“After years of self-help and working with therapists, nothing has empowered me as quickly, lovingly, and insightfully as this mentorship program. I experienced myself going through one breakthrough after another without overwhelm and my ability to integrate my growth still continues. If you have tried other programs and still feel something is missing, working with Charlotte will exponentially yield more results than you have previously received.”


Aida Núñez Troedsson

Who is this Mentorship For?


This experience is not for the faint of heart! Nor is it for those just beginning their healing journey or coping with mental illness. We will begin together by going right into our core wounding patterns, so that we may immediately learn how to heal them.


This mentorship is for you if:


  • You feel like you have been showing up at only 50% for far too long.
  • You have completed courses of psychotherapy, coaching and have read all the books but have still not managed to break through your biggest fear or wounding belief.
  • You identify as a healer (or are ready to) and you desire to fully embrace your healer’s path.
  • You know yourself to be a deep feeling, sensitive and empathic soul and a wounded human being.
  • You know yourself to be a spiritual being with divine purpose and you desire to deepen your spiritual connection.
  • You know you have powerful intuitive or psychic abilities, and you are ready to fully unwrap these spiritual gifts.
  • You are ready to get totally transparent with yourself.


If the above descriptions resonate with you, you are invited to fully SHOW UP for this deep dive into self-healing.


Here’s how:

  • You are willing to be vulnerable, raw, open and honest with me and your fellow healer-mentees about what you are currently moving through.
  • You are committed to daily spiritual practice and 13 weeks of deep work.
  • You trust yourself and your own healing process and spiritual connection over any advice or suggestions I may give to you. You know I am not your coach, and am not here to tell you what to do.
  • You are responsible for your triggers, emotions and reactions—your healing process. I am not here to save you or heal you. Rather, we hold the space for you to heal yourself and create your own healing process and spiritual support team.

What you shall unlock through Hear Our Call:


1. Clear understanding of your healing gifts, your soul’s purpose, and how you desire to be of service in the world.


2. Mastery of your healing cycles: the ability to move through the healing of your core wounds quickly with ease and joy.


3. Freedom from the internal blocks that have prevented you from showing up fully in the world in your truth and essence.


4. Ownership and integration of the unique medicine you hold within you to heal yourself and help others to heal, too.


5. A central core foundation of self-worth, self-love, and self-compassion.


6. Your own unique spiritual connection, guidance and navigation system.


7. A deep reclamation and remembrance of your essence–who you really are.


8. Devotion to your path as a healer who shall make profound impact on the lives of many.


9. Belonging and collaboration with a community of other powerful gifted healers.


Along the way of this journey, you shall:


1. Discover with love that your core wounds contain within them your unique and powerful medicine as a healer.


2. Integrate as divine truth, and give language to your gifts, your essence and your soul’s purpose. A powerful experience that will connect the dots and give meaning to all that has happened thus far in your life.


3. Learn how to shift your own energy from a place of wounding to a place of healing.


4. Consistently stay in a place of spiritual communion and connection, no matter where you are at emotionally.


5. Gain deep spiritual and emotional intelligence about yourself.

“With Charlotte’s mentorship, I was able to do a massive breakthrough and redirection of all aspects of my life. The guidance, exercises, insights and most importantly support that I received during the three months allowed me to complete the stage of metamorphosis, shed the old skin and get comfortable in my true self. Charlotte guided me until I was ready to swim on my own, because this is the ultimate goal… to understand my core wound, spiritual gift, and true essence and go shine my individuality into the world. This realization led to a complete rethinking of my healing business, with a massive upgrade in products and offerings.”


Anna Bazarnaya, Intuitive Healer and Formulator of products for soul growth and transformation, maitriverde.com

Heed the call!



Applications are rolling until space is filled.

What’s included in this 13-week journey:


1) Intensive Introductory 1-to-1 Session
Open to the places within you that desire healing, and carve out your path for this journey.


2) 6 Bi-Weekly mentorship calls via Zoom
Walk your path as a healer with deep support and journeying, which will help you move through your blocks, develop your gifts, and awaken your own medicine.


3) Unlimited 1-to-1 support via Marco Polo video messaging
Work through triggers and emotions immediately as they arise–no need to wait for a session to get support. This will dramatically quicken your healing process.


4) Soul Purpose Activation
Deep Guided Journeys that will activate the 4 pillars of your soul, one by one:

1. Your Core Wound

2. Your Divine Essence

3. Your Spiritual Gift

4. Your Soul’s Purpose


5) Complete Healer Mentorship Core Curriculum

Some benefits you can expect to receive as part of the curriculum:


  • Instruction on learning how to master your Healing Cycle
  • Guidance on creating a sacred altar and daily spiritual practice
  • Powerful mantras for each stage of your journey
  • Guided meditations with sacred sound frequencies
  • Video tutorials for each stage of your journey
  • Ongoing supportive worksheets, journaling prompts, spiritual practices, and inspired healing action steps


6) Closing 1-to-1 Ceremony

To seal your soul-activation and healing journey.


Financial Investment


The investment for this 13-week intensive healer mentorship is on a sliding-scale basis with flexible payments plans available. I encourage all to apply regardless of financial means.

Susan Vichick-Johnson, LCSW-S
“I felt called to this work on a deeper level than intellect or words could describe. As I began, I connected to the deepest parts of myself that I had forgotten, and began to understand how these parts are my guides with wisdom that will see me through any roadblock on my Soul-path!  With great wonder and surprise, I began to see myself and my gifts in relationship with the collective unconscious and my Soul-purpose to heal myself and the community!


My business began to align with my Divine Inner Essence, shifting with work that no longer feels like work but JOY!  Now when I experience roadblocks in any aspect of my life, I return to my Soul Purpose Activation for guidance and reminders, connecting with the aspects of myself that know the way.


When your Soul is calling for you to do this deep traveling, Charlotte will meet you every step of the way. My fear was met with Charlotte’s kindness, presence, and excitement for all that was unfolding!”


Susan Vichick-Johnson, LCSW-S, Energy Radiator, Healer, Reiki and Sound Practitioner, www.sacredsoundsatx.com

This is Healer Mastery level work, and is only for those who are ready to enter into a deep level of self-exploration and healing.

Are you ready to:


Connect deeply with others who understand and value your gifts?

Feel and experience love in your wounded places?

Be reflected and mirrored in your strengths?

Be held to your highest impact?

Discover your vision of healing for this planet?

Alchemize, awaken, remember and heal through the power of connection?


If you answered YES, It is time.


Time to come down from the mountain top and stop trying to do it all alone! It is time that we discovered strength in unity and collaboration, and thus, the strength in our true selves.

Enrollment is open.

THANK YOU, my love, for exploring this program today. Thank you for saying YES to all that is currently awakening within you! Thank you for unfolding one more petal of who you really are.


I, Charlotte Eléa, am a powerful gifted healer, intuitive oracle, and emotional alchemist. I am a seer of Unconscious Realms, expert in self-healing and a lover of Sacred Wholeness. I am the author of the book, To Be Worthy: a deep inward journey of healing self-worth.


As your mentor, I guide you to remember your essence and awaken your soul’s purpose by being a sacred space holder and channel for the Great Divine Mother.


I have walked the path as a healer my entire life, but didn’t know it. In my early career I was a psychotherapist, then a Tarot reader, then a transformational coach. And now, as a mentor for other powerful gifted healers.


What will you desire to call yourself? Come closer to find out. APPLY NOW.

Charlotte Eléa and Chloe


What if I can't afford the financial investment?

If your soul is a “Yes” to this mentorship but you feel blocked by the financial investment, I desire to talk with you about how you can make it happen. You may request a monthly payment plan that fits your financial needs.

How much time will this program require?

The amount of time and energy you put into your healing journey is equivalent to what you shall receive from it. During these next 13 weeks, expect to create space for a fully immersive intensive experience. Expect to be in spiritual practice at least an hour every day. Expect to engage with me via Marco Polo a few times a week. Expect to be in session twice a month. Expect to be moving through powerful emotional experiences that will transform you. This program should and will be one of your top priorities.

Will you be training me how to be a healer?

This Mentorship is not a training course in any specific healing modality. You may have already received training in your modality of choice, or you may be called to further train during or after this program, which will support the gifts you awaken during this mentorship.


Rather, you will learn to master your healing cycles, and powerful space will be held for you to fully activate your own healing gifts to heal yourself.

What kinds of healers belong in this program?

All kinds! Past participants have been emotional healers, energy healers, body workers, yoginis, psychic mediums, psychotherapists, sound healers, transformational coaches, naturopaths and more. The common denominator is that their work as a healer always comes back to prioritizing healing themselves so that they may be fully of service.

Is the curriculum optional?

>No. The healer mentorship curriculum includes your Soul Purpose Activation broken down into four deep, illuminating journeys. This is a crucial piece to you to awaken fully to your gifts, essence and purpose.

Will you be offering this program again?

Enrollment for the Healer Mentorship is rolling and open until filled. You may always add yourself to the waitlist or schedule your start date in the future if no spots are currently open.