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4-Month Intensive Healer Mentorship with Charlotte Eléa


To Transform Your Deepest Wounds into Your Most Profound Gifts


For those healers who are ready to:

Offer Their Healing Gifts to Others

Go on a Profound Self-Healing Journey

Discover the Full Power of Their Gifts

Strengthen Their Spiritual Connection

Go Deep and Go Now

You are a gifted healer! You have such an impact on others through your compassionate, soulful and sensitive presence!


I see and appreciate the gifts that may leave you feeling as if no one understands or appreciates you.


I know that often it may feel as if you are standing alone on top of a mountain. It may feel as if you are going to be scarred and held back by your childhood wounds your entire life. I have felt this, too.


You may even sometimes feel afraid of your gifts, because you do not fully understand or trust them. Sometimes your healing gifts may even seem as if they betray you, leave you feeling vulnerable, exhausted or used by others. Maybe you have been feeling this way your entire life.

But you know… in your heart you know you are powerful as fuck! You have seen the impact you have on others, and also on yourself when you are in the flow of your sensitive, intuitive or psychic gifts. I am here to be your Mentor, to help you fully master these healing gifts and awaken to your spiritual purpose.


We do this together by way of learning how to self-heal.


As a healer, your priority and gift first and foremost is healing yourself! It is in healing yourself that you will expand your abilities of helping others to heal, too.


As a healer, you will always be on a self-healing journey.


As a Healer, you move through Healing Cycles…


Where upon core wounds and shadows become triggered so that you may integrate them and receive their wisdom.


In this Mentorship you will learn how to master your movement through these healing cycles, so that the process is quick and graceful, and ends in profound breakthrough, rather than full of struggle and suffering, and sending you through endless painful triggered patterns.


Mastering this process is crucial to walking the path as a healer—once you do so, your growth, wisdom, quality of life and capabilities will expand and heighten far beyond your expectations!


This three-month experience will transform your relationship to yourself, to spirit, and to your healing gifts, so that you may fully receive from your gifts, be fed, nurtured and strengthened through them, and so that you may be able to open them with love, trust and safety to others.


This experience is not for the faint of heart, as we will begin this journey together by going right into your core wounding patterns, so that you may learn how to heal them.


I know that as a healer your deepest wounds actually contain the keys to your most profound gifts. And thus, this is what you shall explore, along with your team of spiritual helpers, guiding you every step of the way.

What you shall unlock through this mentorship experience:


1. Healer Mastery: The ability to move through your healing cycles, from trigger to breakthrough, quickly with love, grace and ease.


2. Gift Integration: Ownership of the unique medicine you hold within you to heal yourself and help others heal, too.


3. Self-Love: Experience your highest form of light and greatest expression of love through the self-healing process.


4. Awakening of Your Essence: Come into a state of being as the pathway to heal your core wounds and walk your soul’s purpose.


5. Vision Discovery: Gain clarity over the difference you desire to make in this world.


6. Spiritual Grounding: Develop a practice that keeps you feeling grounded and spiritually supported every day.

A gift of taking this deep and profound healing journey is your Soul’s Essence. Not just knowing it. Not discovering it. But remembering it through every cell of your being.

“The mentorship program has been one of the best investments I have made in myself! Working with Charlotte was inspiring, supportive, and joyful! I signed up because I really needed help in holding myself accountable as to how I wanted to grow. I wanted to become firmly established in my sovereignty and confident of my intuition and with Charlotte’s mentoring I have been able to do just that.


The biggest surprise was how quickly I was able to do so! After years of self-help and working also with therapists, nothing has empowered me as quickly, lovingly, and insightfully as Charlotte’s mentorship program. I have experienced myself going through one breakthrough after another without overwhelm and my ability to integrate my growth still continues. If you have tried other programs and still feel something is missing, working with Charlotte will exponentially yield more results than you have previously received. I could not recommend a more caring and expert mentor than Charlotte!”


Aida Núñez Troedsson, MA Human Development

The 7 Portals of Your Healer’s Journey


There are Seven Portals you shall move through in these next four months.  The journey through them shall unfold exactly as needed.


Portal 1: Sacred Space

You’ll create an altar / energetic table and develop a daily spiritual practice to conduct your healing work. You’ll call in a spirit support team to help support and guide your sacred work.


Portal 2: The Initiation

You’ll lean in as a core/childhood wound begins to activate and play out within your life. You’ll know exactly what it is you are to learn and move through during this three month journey.


Portal 3: Your Medicine

You’ll engage in a deep, alchemical healing process of your core/childhood wounds by fully awakening your healing gifts.


Portal 4: Soul Purpose

You’ll connect the dots from this moment to your experiences throughout this life and beyond to have a deep understanding of who you are and why your soul has chosen this human life.


Portal 5: True Voice

You’ll come into rhythm and flow with your sacred wisdom and know what it feels like to be living from your Essence.


Portal 6: Your Vision

You’ll deepen into the changes and impact you desire to make for this world, and have clarity over the path you shall take as a Gifted Healer.


Portal 7: Devotion

As a new healing cycle awakens, you’ll more fully devote yourself to your healing gifts and practice with love, joy and surrender.


What you can expect to receive throughout this 3-month journey:


1) A 2-hour deep dive 1-to-1 session, to open the spaces that desire healing, and to activate your self-healing gifts.


2) 6 intimate mentorship calls.


3) Ongoing unlimited video chat support, reflection and feedback via Marco Polo.


4) Weekly personalized healing practices to mobilize your strengths and awaken your medicine.


5) Step-by-step guidance on creating a sacred energetic table/altar for your healing work and daily spiritual practice.


6) Questions that challenge and ask you to see or look at something differently, more deeply, or more honestly.


7) Inward journeys guided by intuition to awaken and reveal your hidden depths.


8) Witnessing and reflection of your healing process and journey. Reflection of your strengths and healing gifts.

To catapult your growth and awakening, you’ll also receive a Soul Purpose Activation:


The Soul Purpose Activation is a channeled transmission delivered through Sacred Geometry that illuminates the 4 Pillars of Wisdom Within Your Soul:


  1. Your Core Wound
  2. Spiritual Gift
  3. Divine Essence
  4. Soul’s Purpose


You’ll read and experience your Soul Purpose Activation through:


1) A colorful, printable and editable alchemical document: With full, personal, explanatory text, images of your cards and geometric layout, worksheets and graphics. As you read, the energy of the transmission takes root within you.


2) A Personal Ritual: Detailed instructions to ground and set the newly blooming wisdom in motion within your body and life.


3) An Integration Ceremony: Join me in sacred space as you dive deep, channel your own soul, and integrate the wisdom of the Four Pillars.

“The mentorship program took me to a completely different advanced level of the game called Life. I was on a healing journey for years and was at a breaking point: I knew it was time for me to start a new chapter. Charlotte’s offer for a mentorship program came at the Divine Time of complete reconstruction of my life and stepping fully into my power as a woman and as a healer. New insights were clashing with years of coping mechanisms and limiting beliefs.


With Charlotte’s mentorship, I was able to do a massive breakthrough and redirection of all aspects of my life. The guidance, exercises, insights and most importantly support that I received during three months allowed me to complete the stage of metamorphosis, shed the old skin and get comfortable in my true self. Charlotte guided me until I was ready to swim on my own, because this is the ultimate goal… to understand my core wound, spiritual gift, and true essence and go shine my individuality into the world. This realization led to a complete rethinking of my healing business, with a massive upgrade in products and offerings.


Investing in your soul growth is absolutely invaluable, because we learn to live our truth from the depth of our unique essence. Give yourself this gift and your life will change beyond any expectations.”


Anna Bazarnaya, Intuitive Healer and Formulator of 100% natural products for soul growth and transformation, maitriverde.com

This is Healer Mastery level work, and is only for those who are ready to enter into a deep level of self-exploration and healing.


This intensive experience is for those ready and able to engage on a deep, self-responsible level of healing. It is NOT for those new to doing personal growth. I expect you to know your triggers and general patterns, and to have already explored a few different healing modalities.

You are invited to fully SHOW UP for this deep dive into self-healing. Here’s how:


You are willing to be vulnerable, raw, open and honest with me about what you are currently moving through. When it is challenging to do so, you know you are on the right track. Healing is not always an easy process.


You are committed to daily spiritual practice and three months of deep work.


You trust yourself and your own healing process and spiritual connection over any advice or suggestions I may give to you. You know I am not your coach, and am not here to tell you what to do.


You are responsible for your triggers, emotions and reactions—your healing process. I am not here to save you or heal you. Rather, I hold the space for you to heal yourself and create your own healing process and spiritual support team.

Who is this Mentorship for?


If my words are lighting you up inside, your soul screaming out “YES!” and also another part of you feeling perhaps scared or nervous, then you are in the right place.


This program is for you if you identify as a healer (or are ready to) and you desire to fully embrace your healer’s path.


You know yourself to be a deep feeling, sensitive and empathic soul and a wounded human being.


You know yourself to be a spiritual being with a divine purpose and you desire to deepen your spiritual connection.


You know yourself to have powerful psychic or intuitive abilities, and you are ready to fully unwrap these spiritual gifts.


AND you are ready to get totally transparent with yourself!

Healers need other Healers!


As a healer myself, I walk a parallel journey. This mentorship program was inspired by the immense gift of having soul-aligned healers walking with me on my own journey. One of my spiritual healing gifts is to awaken your healing path and to know your true essence. Along with this, coming into Healer Mentorship will allow you to:


  • Connect with someone who understands and values your gifts.
  • Feel and experience love in your wounded places.
  • Be reflected and mirrored in your strengths.
  • Be held to your highest impact.
  • Hold your vision of healing for this planet.
  • Alchemize, awaken, remember and heal through the power of connection.


It is time for us healers to come down from our mountain tops and stop trying to do it all alone! It is time that we discovered strength in unity and collaboration, and thus, the strength in ourselves.

Ready to Move Forward? Here’s The Next Step…

Apply for Mentorship


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If you feel blocked by the financial investment, I encourage you to still sign up for a chat.


There are a few questions for you to answer when you click the link below, so I can get to know your interest in the program and commitment to your healing journey.

Financial Investment


These next four months will be full of rapid healing, rapid integration, and rapid expansion of your gifts. Therefore, the outcome is priceless and life-long.


The investment for this experience is $3000.


This may be made in 1 or 3 payments. OR you may request a custom monthly payment plan that fits your financial needs.


If your soul was a Yes before you got to this section, I desire to talk with you about how you can make this investment. I believe in landing upon a soul-matched / heart-aligned payment plan for every person that is ready to work with me.

Your journey to Healer Mastery will be uniquely your own.


I hope you’ll reach out to me and find out more about what YOUR potential growth could be! After our call, I’ll share with you my personal reflections on your next steps, so that you may immediately begin weaving more healing magic.


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