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Have you ever walked a labyrinth?

Walk a Labyrinth to enter your dream world

Have you ever walked a labyrinth?

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Can I geek out with you for a minute about labyrinths? And, no, I am not talking about the 1980s flick with David Bowie (though I do kind of love that movie.) I am talking about actual labyrinths, set in stone upon the ground that you walk.


I adore labyrinths. Last year I had one tattooed on my arm I love them so much! I love not only what they symbolize, but the actual processing of walking one, step by step, with intention, with awareness towards center, pausing, and then outward, step by step, back to home.


When I discovered this free gem — the labyrinth locator — it transformed my world, and I discovered several free labyrinths close to me that I could walk whenever I wanted.


So, why am I going on about labyrinths? (I promise this is going somewhere!)


Because to walk a labyrinth is to understand and appreciate the inner journey and sacred quest of self-discovery.


As you journey inward through the labyrinth spiral, you surrender to your intuition, unlock what’s hidden and become one with the wisdom of this great universe.


And as you return outward, you integrate what you discover, activate wisdom, and become inspired to take action towards change.


I designed JOURNEY with exactly this process is mind. As I discovered the 12 Sacred Stages of Change through my own transformative journeys, I visualized them as steps along a great labyrinth.


The 12 Sacred Stages:


(Moving Inward through the Labyrinth)


1. Acceptance: Know what is real, what is true, what is present now.

2. Activation: Learn what your soul truly desires, and set your intention.

3. Alchemy: Discover and practice your powers of transformation.

4. Shadow Work: Integrate what you have cut off, lost or blocked out.

5. Communion: Connect to spirit and your highest self.

6. Love: Reconnect with your inner child, forgive and heal core wounds.


(Moving Outward through the Labyrinth)


7. Release: Let go of the beliefs, patterns and attachments that no longer serve you.

8. Liminality: Embrace and surrender to the unknown.

9. Purpose: Claim what brings you joy.

10. Integration: Understand what you have learned.

11. Expression: Take inspired action that is aligned with your truth.

12. Wisdom: Know what else you have to learn.


You have an opportunity now to journey through all of these stages with me, and activate immediate change in your life!


JOURNEY: A 12-week vision quest and group coaching program is now open for Fall enrollment, and I am currently interviewing applicants.


I know some things in your life may feel uncertain. Or maybe the things that used to work just don’t anymore. You may be frustrated, stuck, and losing trust in yourself and faith in your world.


Uncertainty is the first step on the great labyrinth walk of your spiritual quest. And the fact that you are uncertain, confused or disheartened means you are ready to discover a new way.


This new way may be different from what you were taught. Most of us learned to live from the outside in, where people tell us what to do, what to think, how to feel, and we follow their guidance. But that way never worked for me, and I am guessing that you are finding it doesn’t work for you, either.


By joining JOURNEY, you’ll learn a way of living from the inside out. Meaning you’ll learn to access the wisdom that already lives deep within you to discover all the answers you seek.


Here’s what you can expect from this experience:


  • Transform your current self-doubt into trust, fear into courage, and grief into love
  • Gain clarity and confidence over your next steps
  • Commit to the changes you want to make in your life, and follow through
  • Understand what is tripping you up, and breakthrough resistance
  • Feel empowered by your choices and excited to take courageous action
  • Master a simple, fun and intuitive approach to reading cards
  • Join a supportive community, make new life-long connections, and learn from others committed to learning how to live from the inside out
  • Deepen into a sacred relationship to spirit and your highest self
  • Activate the full power of your intuition, imagination and dreams
  • Learn a new way of living, learning and making decisions


Ready to take the next step on your great labyrinth walk?



There are just a few spots left, so apply now. We begin in September.