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Going Deeper: Breaking Through to Further Dimensions of “Positive” Cards

"Positive" Tarot cards

Going Deeper: Breaking Through to Further Dimensions of “Positive” Cards

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Last week I wrote about how to work through resistance when you draw a Tarot card you do not like (read the post here). Just as there are Tarot cards that most of us dislike (The Tower, 5 of Pentacles, and 10 of Swords, for example), there are also Tarot cards that are universally welcomed by us all.


Just take a look at the gleeful imagery on cards like The Sun, 10 of Cups, 6 of Wands, and 9 of Pentacles and you’ll see how it would be remiss to draw a difficult or challenging interpretation when pulling one of these cards.


But after you glance at that joyful, abundant scene, how quick are you to tell yourself, “Life is good!” then wipe your hands of your inquiry and skip into the sunset?


There is no doubt you have received an affirming message, but just because it is positive, does not mean it can be summed up so quickly. Just as with more challenging cards, “positive” cards have their own complex dimensions, and depending on the question or circumstances at hand, the card’s message will shift and speak in many layers when you let it.


One important factor to consider when drawing an ideal card is the timing and stage. Are you at the beginning stage of the scene depicted and waiting for it to unfold? Has it not yet manifested and the cards are advising you on what to work towards? Or are you at the end stage of this scene, about to transition to something new?


Another factor to consider is whether the experience on the card is depicting an external or internal experience for you. How does this influence your powers of execution, and where you would like the energy to move? On Whom or what else are you dependent to fully embody the scene on this card? What challenges are in the way?


Other challenging questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you sabotaging the possibility of what you see on this card?
  • In what ways do you block yourself from experiencing the scene on this card?
  • Is this scene revealing a façade you hold to cover what lives under the surface?
  • Is this scene the ideal and not the actual? If so, why?
  • Do you rely on things being easy like they are on this card? Why?
  • Does the imagery reveal what you should want, not what you actually want?
  • What darker or more challenging aspects can you find in this imagery?
  • What if the scene was to change and you were to lose the joyful feeling: how would you cope?


There are no right and wrong answers. Only a multitude of colors that, when you open the spectrum of your intuition, are there for you to fill in the entire picture, not just the light and dark elements.