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Five Assumptions that Kept me Stuck and how I used my Intuition to Break Free


Five Assumptions that Kept me Stuck and how I used my Intuition to Break Free

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1. The answers I seek are outside myself and I will find them if I keep searching.


For years I followed the paths created by others, and I believed that through trial and error and if I kept looking and trying, eventually the right job would come my way, or the right person would give me advice that would point me in the right direction. Someone else would tell me what I needed to do with my life to be happy.


This never happened, and so I searched for a long time in vein. But luckily, as I began to dive into creative writing, Tarot, guided meditation, and other intuitive tools, I began to hear my own internal voice, and listen to the plethora of guidance I had within me. I came to know that all the clarity I was seeking in terms of my strengths, my passions and my purpose, could be discovered within. I found my Highest Self.


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2. My inner child is sad, hurt, lost and angry, and she has nothing to offer me but bad memories.


I used to block out my inner child because I didn’t want to re-experience her pain and memories. I didn’t want her emotional triggers. I still sometimes do, and have to always remind myself to welcome her in when it feels rough, because she is me. Blocking her out may have allowed me to believe I was on stable footing, but it actually left me numb and detached. When we block out our inner children, we don’t just block out their pain, we block out their—and thus our joy, imagination, creativity, playfulness and sense of wonder. We block out the essence of who we are.


Only by embracing my inner child did I discover how much joy and freedom there was to be found in the present moment of being myself. Only then was I really living my life. Your inner child may have wounds, but she has also been holding onto an amazing capacity to just be you, waiting for you to embrace.


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3. I can’t handle my emotions; they are like an avalanche that takes over and destroys everything.


I used to create a self-fulfilling prophecy in which I believed my emotions were too much for anyone to handle. In believing this, I gave away my power to my emotions, and believed everything the accompanying undercurrent of triggering beliefs told me, which would make my emotions grow even stronger, to a point where I would feel consumed.


When I shifted into a position of actually welcoming in my emotions—all of them, even the icky ones like shame, fear and grief—and trusted myself to hold them and get support where needed, I activated my internal source of compassion and guidance. Love and acceptance regulates emotions by letting them flow at their own pace, naturally moving back to stasis. That source of love and compassion is your highest self. It is during times of greatest internal turmoil that we have the opportunity to deepen into self-love, and learn how to bring ourselves back to center.


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4. There is too much in my way to do or be what I really want.


Some of these will likely sound familiar to you: “I’m not ready,” “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t have enough money,” “I don’t have enough education or training,” “I don’t have enough to offer,” “people won’t like me,” “people will ignore me,” “people will find it stupid,” “I’m not supported enough,” “I failed before, I will fail again,” “I can’t handle another disappointment.”


I have told myself each and everyone one of these self-limiting beliefs at some point in time, plus a bunch more. Heck, I still sometimes do. But I also know that it is my ego’s way of keeping me small and hiding my gifts from the world. They kept me trapped in indecision, unable to move forward with what I really wanted.


I came to realize how much I was doing myself AND the world a disservice by staying small. The world needs me and it needs you. By releasing the chains of these self-limiting beliefs, I was able to make empowered decisions and take inspired actions that changed my life.


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5. There is something wrong with me that I feel insecure and conflicted in everything I do.


Up to about a year ago I believed that in order to be successful at something, I needed to have no doubts, no shame, nothing holding me back. I believed I needed to get rid of my internal conflict and the shadows in my way. Well, I tried, but over again, I ran into a wall. In fact, the more I tried, the more those conflicted parts of me resisted.


And then finally one day it clicked: peace does not come from resolving difference, but through tolerating it. I need to accept that I, like a gemstone, had many different facets, all glimmering in their own right. So instead of fixing, I moved into a space of removing walls and creating dialogue. I brought my ego into conversation with my highest self, and mediated between my shadow and my inner child.


Once I accepted that these perspectives were all a part of me, I could experience my diversity as a strength rather than a weakness. Coming into purposeful dialogue with myself gave me a sense of empowered agency, clarity to choose how to move forward from the position of my highest self, and the fully embodied confidence that comes from radical self-acceptance.


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