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Evolving Beyond Polarity into Wholeness

Spiritual books and systems, wonderful but rooted in patriatchy

Evolving Beyond Polarity into Wholeness

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There’s been something on my mind a lot lately. And I realize it may not jive well with some of you. So I’ve been both really excited to talk about it, and also kind of scared. But that combination makes me realize I really do need to come out with it.


I’m tired of the fact that all of our spiritual archetypes and philosophies are rooted in patriarchal systems. Every goddess, every card in the Tarot (And you KNOW how much I love the Tarot!), every religion, every spiritual road map provided for us. They were all developed in societies run solely by powerful men and within a system that polarized women and men against each other through very specific gendered rules.


I am finding that I can no longer feel a connection to calling myself a queen, or owning my thrown. I hate how cards 3 and 4 in the Tarot are named Empress and Emperor. And I find myself asking, why are we falling back on language rooted in monarchical systems, and thus steeped with oppression and hierarchy?


I love goddess spirituality in so many ways, and continue to find so much healing from embracing, loving, and nurturing my divine femininity. But I have other moments where I feel that we are limiting ourselves, and can feel how the feminine is polarized from the divine masculine, like we are in a constant reactionary state against the patriarchy, rather than exploring/embracing/merging these two wonderful and essential qualities of all humans.


Reacting against the patriarchy, and healing from the patriarchy are so so important. I’m still in the healing process. But I realized it can’t end there. I want to get to a place where the feminine and masculine are aspects of a whole. Are literally married and merged in and through one another. I recognize that when I am split, it is because I am in need of healing, and I feel a desire for wholeness.


I don’t believe we need to sacrifice anything through this process–we can only gain. Therefore, I am committed to learning, discovering, developing new paradigms of spiritual thought and experience. That truly bring us back to a place of wholeness. Where male and female cease to be gendered into masculine and feminine. Where we no longer feel like we need to use the gendered, polarized and hierarchical archetypes handed down to us.


This is a way of thinking among humanity that is so old, so deeply entrenched, and has caused so so much pain, separation, wounding, war. I believe we need to evolve. We are ready to evolve. I have a sense that there is a pathway out of this jungle, and back to the essence of our nature. But we still have a ways to go.


I’d love to know from you: Are you feeling this, too? Do you disagree? And also, do you follow authors or spiritual thought leaders that are developing new paradigms? Send me a message and let me know!